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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking?

  2. Purge


    With them banning that fella who found Anthems loot cave, they're even following in Fallout 76's footsteps.
  3. Is there a way for you to do this split-screen business on Windows 10 with the one controller/one keyboard? EDIT: Oh God, it totally works.
  4. What the fuck were they THINKING? God dayum!
  5. something something value of money something. Anyway, just got a legendary torque bow.
  6. I've played 8 hours and I've just reached enough for a single elite pack. Got bugger all. When I play for half an hour to get a crate in Overwatch and I get bugger all, I just shrug my shoulders and think, "eh there's always the next one." But in Gears 4, it feels so god damn far to the next create.
  7. [nervous sweating] I just need m-my fix, man.
  8. Hell if I know. I've just finished act 1, but I've only got 40g worth of achievements. I'm level 17, but not got the level 10 achievement. Didn't get squat for finishing Horde in one sitting yesterday either. It's dumb and I don't really care for achievements, but for some reason it's just putting me off continuing the story and horde until it's fixed.
  9. I could totally go for one about now.
  10. I see that everywhere I go. Petty, really.
  11. Purge


    Don't quote me on this, but I think it already has.
  12. http://i.imgur.com/B99UlXW.jpg Just ignore the porn and clutter.
  13. Good taste. I'm looking forward to Rucka, Tomasi and King. Seeley will be great too. The Hanna Babara shit looks amazing.
  14. Yeah same. Batman being a bitch to Waller is straight out of Ostranders run.
  15. Purge


    Can't wait until the second season comes out on Netflix. Really enjoyed the first.
  16. Purge


    When I was in London I had the worst bit of sushi I've ever come across. I spent like £40 on the takeout. Miso soup wasn't even cooked, they just gave me the paste. It's like I'd ordered build-your-own miso soup instead of a cooked meal. In retrospect, the dragon rolls they gave me had raw prawns in the middle of them so it could have been build-your-own meal. I ended up going out on the last night of my trip to a fancy sushi place with big bear-like burly guards. Was twice the price, but five times as nice. Sushi is nice.
  17. gay



  18. With all the marketing it did, I doubt it. Could do a Man of Steel and make its money back on marketing alone.
  19. This is the game that killed Ensemble studios. Hopefully it kills Creative Assembly too.
  20. you banned or some shit

  21. I'm honestly not sure. If it's anything like Witcher 1, I'll be happy.
  22. yh defo;););););)

  23. smell me me me me me

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