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  1. cunty cunt cunt

  2. Give me your MSN you loser x

  3. Niether! It's actually a porno! :p

  4. Hey sorry about my abscence, I've had a lot of univserity work on my plate. Yeah, I'll start it back up.

  5. Yeah, that cut-scene put me off. :(

  6. Do you want me to take your images in that intel section, make them smaller and upload them to photobucket for you?

  7. Hey Dennis, I can't seem to access the tutorials for some reason on GN. :p Apparently I don't have permission to access them.

  8. Videos, eh? That's trickier than a written guide with screenshots but I'll give it a go.

  9. Beef Wellington

  10. Hey Takama, I thought I'd pop on to your page and let you know I'm really enjoying your posts in the Bleach thread. I don't really post in there, but I do read what you think about it and I find your opinion really interesting. :p


    Also TV, is it bad that I have the source of that gif?

  11. Hey there, you got to Edinburgh Uni?

  12. Coyote Starrk rules dude! :p

  13. Hey there, I'm using your Sonic Generations guide - which is very good btw - and I've noticed it says you'll be doing a red ring guide. Mind if I help? :D

  14. What blurays do you have dude? :p Do you use any collection sites?

  15. Tussell, I was thinking the exact same thing. :p

  16. You came back a month later and you've returned ever since. Get back! We can discuss Berserk.

  17. Just got the email, thanks! That'll make my life a bit easier when I save all 350ish collectables.

  18. [email protected] I know, probably the most embarassing email ever but it does the job.

  19. Ah right then, it's fine. Thanks anyway.

  20. Don't worry, I know my way around photoshop. Sorry to be a bother, but would you mind sending me that layout PSD? I'm not sure if the guide has to have the x360a logo, but I'd rather not have anyone else steal the hours of work it's taking to make this guide.

  21. Thanks for the reply back. Do you copy your full resolution image to Microsoft Word and then copy it from there to a photo editing suite? Just compared the sizes of my images to yours and they're almost identical. :p

  22. Yeah, I had a look for them myself last night and I could only find one for £50.

  23. Hey Cody, I sent you a friend request on Facebook. I thought I'd add a few x360a members when I came across that FB thread. Your privacy settings won't allow me to send you a message on FB, so I thought I'd send you one here. I'm Dominick Dreczkowski. :p

  24. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v131/tussell/silent_night_deadly_night-1.jpg



  25. Hey! I saw your Alice: Madness Returns figure collection. Pretty awesome. :D

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