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  1. For me, I didn't touch the blinds. I came in the room and went straight for the barrel to activate the lift. Then I tried to fight her but couldn't deal any damage.
  2. Does anyone know what character is between "Mafalda Hopkirk" and "Marietta Edgecombe"? And if so, could you please tell me where to find it? Thank you!
  3. I had an in game baby with my real life husband and had a colored baby when all hero characters (male & female) are white. lol
  4. GT: Pinkubara FFIX, Because I love the characters and story!<3 FFXI is my second favorite. And you can tell because I've been playing it for 6 years now. lol
  5. Hey guys, if you have any room could you send me and my husband an invite? GTs: Pinkubara & Sakurafire
  6. I like the quote with Francis. "I'm getting sick of killing these vampires!" Then Bill says "They're zombies you idiot!" lol "I forgot." Francis obviously deals with the apocalypse by drinking.
  7. So, has anyone tried out the new demo yet?
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