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  1. Finally found some info on it. The greyed out damage is only unlocked with the free element skill. I wish I knew that before I crafted so many weapons.
  2. I've noticed that several of my supposed element weapons actually do no element damage. For example, my Destroyer Bo rank 3 is listed as having 300 thunder damage but when I look at it the thunder damage seems faded out and when I equip the weapon it is listed as having "none" on the elemental damage column. The same is true for several of my higher rank weapons such as Vice. Both weapons are insect glaives. Other weapons seem fine. I haven't checked during battles only in Astera. Any one else have this problem or know what it means?
  3. Yeh, I worked that out now cheers. I just wish I realised it sooner.
  4. Yeh, I worked out not to bother hunting monsters in expedition. So much wasted time
  5. Just venting really but I'd like to know if anyone else is having the same frustrating experience as I am having. I absolutely love the battles but when you spend 20 minutes or so whittling down a monster and getting it down to its final bit of health only to have it fly off it has got to be the most frustrating experience I've consistently had with a game. It is such a stupid and unneeded mechanic. Why have monsters if you don't get the satisfaction of defeating it after a tough battle. Pretty cheap mechanic. I almost feel like I don't want to play it any more because I've played for hours and had four high level monsters run off and I've received next to no materials. It is turning an excellent game into a mediocre one for me now.
  6. Managed to finish the game without issue after the update.
  7. I'm pretty much stuck still which sucks. I load the game every day hoping something else might work but I'm just going to wait a week or so when a patch is released. I was enjoying the game up until now but this has left a sour taste in my mouth. Not sure how such a bug got past testers. Hopefully next week all issues will be fixed.
  8. I just had an issue where my save game would cause the console to crash and every time I load that save it does the same. I reverted to an earlier save about 15 minutes before but a few hours it happened again but this time my only uncorrupted save file is before the original crash point. I heard this was a problem on the PC version but have yet to see it on XBOX ONE. It's pretty much destroyed any desire I have to play the game as I was mostly searching for bodies and doing mundane events. Has any one else experienced this?
  9. If anyone is still interested in doing the multi-player challenges, specifically the ones where you need to have other players i.e. revive, heal, etc then hit me up and hopefully we can nail them on the weekend. bloodswan
  10. I just completed the game without powers and no achievement. Has this happened to anyone? Any known solutions that don't involve me doing another playthrough.
  11. I didn't find it too difficult but it is an enjoyable lesson. The yoga part is one of the best assassinations yet. I was kind of hoping for samurai armour though but that's fine. Has anyone found the lethal stem cell vial yet?
  12. I don't mind it. I agree 9 is too high and would lean towards 7 or 8, probably the former. It certainly had potential and I did like exploring the unique areas and becoming a bandit but the grinding for achievements is pretty annoying.
  13. I have unlocked the typhoon or at least I think I have. Maybe I only did it for the achievement and reloaded without it. I will check it out next time I play.
  14. I had points in every branch and it did not unlock for me (there are no greys for me only green and yellow). I am just going to get every one green and see if it unlocks.
  15. As far as I know I have all attachments for the combat rifle. I've just discovered the Jack of All Augment achievement is broken too. I have at least a point in every ability and nothing. I will try and unlock them all and see if that unlocks it. If so then the wording is pretty poor for that one.
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