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  1. ok just started playing and wtf i am having trouble in the very frist part of this game trying to run away from the plane exploding CHRIST wtf is going on i just keep running into the bloody cars either head and just running on the spot "DIED" or when i flick left i go sideways and start running on the spot facing left or bloodly right !!!! surely it this should not be happing to me i have been reading through this thread and am thinking maybe i should just stop now befor i earn any chevos and walk away stress free and play black-op2 or something cus i am pissed i mean i have died 15 times mostly in the same place! have watched some dude on u-tube learnt nothing except that i must b losing it big time ok have calmed down a bit now feel better for sharing my frustration and will give it another go or goes probraly :uzi:
  2. still waiting i am still stuck at 29/30 it could b another 3 months befor i get the unique game i need what a load of buuuuullstit!!!:uzi:
  3. ok thought i'd add my stat of 254hrs level 74 played with same character thoughout enjoyed all game looking forward to next dlc:uzi:
  4. yep i'm in the same boat as you really fustrating:uzi::uzi:
  5. ok just played boom snips and still at 29/30 aaahhhhggggg looks like i'll b waiting a bit longer:uzi::uzi:
  6. just played TORQUE BOW TAG and got no ribbion damm it !! can any one tell me what event number this is in the cycle please ? 24/30 :uzi:
  7. hiya mate i'll b on for a bit over next 24hrs msg me & we'll go on a hunting spree :uzi:
  8. man i agree with u But we all know that they only care about profit margins they do not give two monkeys wether u can get all the achievements or not whats its to them they dont care there's no comeback for them they just promise to get it right next time round i'm just so glad i decided to f**k S3.0 off my to do list mostly cus of the total bore of grinding 1800000 kills with each weapon kinda glad they made it that stupid cus i would be really pi**ed now i feel kinda smug i dint go for there boring to do top achievement as it is i feel for all u out there waiting on those numptys to sort it but don't hold your breath i dont think its going to b any time soon
  9. na mate i think u have it all covered i am just stuck on the big robot boss at the end been watching u-tube vids trying to perfect tecnique if i come across anything i cant work out i'll post here no worries buddy:uzi:
  10. ok i thought i would just say that i'm not doing this shit anymore and just going to keep updated on an events day/weekend and get it then 24/30:uzi:
  11. if you purchase the unlimited grenades or the detonator from the store cost was 160msp each then you can use these on levels & worlds that you have not completed which can b usefull but at a cost:uzi:
  12. just to add if you purchase the unlimited grenades or the detonator from the store you can use these on levels & worlds that you have not completed
  13. just to add i tried for Dedicated Dropper 20 http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png Play 20 consecutive levels in one session. One session is 20 consecutive levels where you do not go to the game's home screen. and when i played i went out of the game to read a msg and went back into game by pressing to back button which resumes game at the level ur on thats without going to the games homescreen the achievement did not unlock for me so i would recomend to play all 20 levels in 1 go without coming out of the game at all not even letting the phone going into standby it only takes about 1hr less than that if u played the first 20 a few times already
  14. ok so dint checkout this achievement untill after i had scored 1150 on my frist go whch i thought was pretty good havent beaten yet so looks like i'm screwed going to try to uninstall and play again update: yep that worked got the achievement
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