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  1. I am online the next few hours I have some staches ready for the 3 co-op Mission achievement. Sent me a message on xbox GT: ChPainkiller
  2. for the legacy achievements look at the Madden NFL 17 Achievement Guide its exactly the same. I have 4 hours left in the trial and got already 540 gs in it. Easy to do : - Legacy Achievements -Going For Gold - the MUT Achievements - Full Set ( do 1 minute Quarters) - 2nd rounder -Pass Academy Longshot you can only Play chapter 1 in the Trial.
  3. Hello Guys I wanna share this Video that I found: this method is working perfectly fine You have atleast to be at Case 2 at 57% to do this trick. I am currently level 48 and get 1-2 Level per round with this method
  4. yeah looks like it I will also have it tomorrow hope the list gets up tonight
  5. yeah and the game is not a single bit better than 2k16 we will have +90 hours for all GS. Horrible list and sadly horrible game .....
  6. also achievements are working here not like in the madden trial
  7. strange for me it feels the same like it always has. I have no problem with the controls getting headshots with the semi-auto Rifle without problems. And the graphics are ok I am just happy that I can complete it again and get another 1000 gs of it
  8. That is how RE 4 was! I am at the Castle right now and even after my 10th playtrough this game is still a perfect game for me a 10/10 .
  9. I am more confused that the achievements are not up you can buy the game here since tuesday (switzerland) . I am still waiting until the achievement list is up
  10. Hey Has anyone the same problem? I should atleast have got 5 achievements but none unlocked! I am using the EA Access Trial
  11. ok I found it out a nice worker of the ms support said I have to wait until my gold expires then I can use the new code. Sorry for double post
  12. Hey guys So I am having problem redeeming xbox live gold 12 month codes. 1.I bought one from a local retailer = didnt work unknown error got my money back 2.Bought one from a online retailer = didnt work unkown error got my money back 3. Bought from the biggest site in Switzerland and I also used many codes from them = Unknown error So my Question is : WTF is wrong with my account? MS Support doesnt seem to have a clue my gold is expiring tomorrow and I still try to use the code after each hour which I bought from the biggest site still get an unknown error.
  13. http://www.videogamer.com/xboxone/marvel_ultimate_alliance_remaster/news/marvel_ultimate_alliance_remasters_dont_release_on_xbox_one_until_thursday.html
  14. maybe at the same time like we happy few ? that comes around at 9am Est . I hope we will see it today I love the Ultimate Alliance games
  15. yep sorry pants but this is one of the worst reviews I have ever read . The Game is nowhere near perfect but its decent enough I would say a 7/10
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