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  1. is that the level in the first year as u sap them and then u build a little man in the upper left corner and he gives u a broom and u fly and keep sappin the birds
  2. im on chapter 2 power plant and i seem to be gettin smashed is there anything to make this game easy or should i give up
  3. its a day of bad gaming for me i started the day with resonance of fate not good game at all so i started this and its sooo slow i thought the prince was some fast dude running up walls my grandma could do this i keep jumping backwards of walls this is a very bad game DO NOT BUY THIS
  4. y do they have replys on this game i just had a match with some guy who loves to waste time
  5. the online sucks i only one once with this half star team y cant i just boost i found the same person twice today bonnie something and hes killed me twice stupid game
  6. is there a way i can speed the gameplay up i think its really slow and stiff
  7. i just wanna play online for a laugh does any one still play
  8. i need to play with a friend and lap someone the weapon one im finding quicker just playin online i played for 20mins this morning got 75 hits already GT = GrassHopper901
  9. ill help do the online achievements i got this game off love film and want it done as soon as possible add GT = DarkishChipmunk
  10. lol sorry i was being a bit of a spaz i found out how to turn the penitys off so now i can cut corners cheers lol
  11. not hard are u jokin mayb im rubbish but i cant controll the car feels really stiff and im tryin to beat legend mode i cant seem to do it may i have some tips
  12. im not sayin it not a ff just cause of the battle system the only thing this games got going for it is the story u dont go around towns u cant make ur people stronger but level up its all one way and all i get from people is it gets better i dont want it to get better it should off been good from the word go i played alot and this aint in the top i waited ages for this game for them to fail and it aint that i suck cause if u check my game card im doing alright just wish u could b stronger if u wanted to grind to kick the boss's ass
  13. i agree this combat system is pretty poor and the person who said its like 12 is a dick 12 aint even a final fantasy in my eyes its terrible i remember when final fantasy come out and i could never put them down im bored in 30 mins of this game the boss's rape me so i think about training to b stronger oo wait they taken that out as well game of the year = no
  14. im playing mine right now woop woop
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