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  1. Please help me with H.A.W.X. i help back
  2. Please someone help me with Gotham anytime GT =Snilek Honzik
  3. Soldier of Fortune on Dreamcast
  4. Someone help me with "Teamwork Takedown" please Thank you SO MUCH ,,Page1992" for helping both of us. Anyway i'm loayal to help ANYONE to obtain it
  5. I plan 3 ,,racenight" in this weekend for 1000000 credits. All racers welcomed I need 380000 Online credits but i'm loayal for help anyone after obtain. Thank you "firehazardcs" for money. I also glad to help some players to obtain 410000+ O.C.
  6. I'm here for help anytime in 14 day from today
  7. I'm here for help too GT = "Snilek Honzik" I'm ready for help every nights (exclude whole weekends).
  8. I will help with Turok too GT = Snilek Honzik
  9. In my family we have multiple platforms through time. This is list: Sega Saturn = Theme Park + NFS Sega Dreamcast = Re-Volt PSOne = F1 '97 GB/GBC/GBA = Super R.C. ProAmerican/Tony Hawk 2/Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Nintendo Gamecube = Hitman 2 Silent Assassin XBox = Sega GT2002 & JetSet Radio Future (2in1) + Halo PS2 BigSilver = Soldier of Fortune PSP1000 White = Midnight Club 3 XBox360 = Half-Life 2: The Orange Box
  10. YESYESYES lots of players want drive his cars in Horizon (include me with BUNCH of my Saabs) Credits doesn't matter (for me).
  11. Please anyone help me with obtaining DLC ??? I read from YouTube i need accout who buy DLC's before but i dont have anyone who buy'it. Or anyone have another reason for this ???
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