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  1. Hey, looking for someone to run through the whole campaign on easy with. Don't mind doing additional objectives if you wish. From the Uk, on most nights from around 5-10pm BST. Message me back on here, or XBL if your up for it. GT: iLaZyDave x
  2. Had a little look on the bioware forums and they say that it's possible to get 100% but only if your a templar: Knight Comander Armor - 40% Spell Ward - 30% 3 rune slots on a weapon with a grandmaster and two master dweomer runes (10%+8%+8%) - 26% And something called the key to the city although i don't know what this is - 4% They also claim that 100% spell resistance does give you immunity to everything, from fireballs to hex's, deff going to give this a try later as it will make being a tank amazing! Original post: http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/66/index/394286/1
  3. I tried as a dwarf warrior, i don't mind being the tank but i hate it vs magic, but i was wondering if spell resistance is stackable? If i'm a dwarf i have 10% already, there is an amulet at camp which adds 30% spell resistance, does this equal 40% overall or does the game not read it like that? And if spell resistance is stackable is there a way to get 100% spell resistance? I would check but i can't see spell resistance with all the other reistance % so i have no idea if it's stackable.
  4. Thanks for the advice, i had never given much though to using the hound to go straight for mages, thats been a great help (sadly useless in the fade as your separated). I ended up just putting the difficulty down to casual and just running through the place, it was irritating and the only part of the game i didn't enjoy at all. I'm thinking of doing another play through, can anyone give me a good class to use against mages? I was thinking of using dwarf but i don't know whether to go for a rouge or warrior, being the tank got very boring, but would being a dual wielding rouge with sten, lelenna and morrigan make the party unbalanced?
  5. Quick overview: Playing through as a warrior, using shield and sword and my original idea was to play more defensive while my party members (sten, morrigan and lelienna) go for the kills. It was working great untill i started comming up against mages. I also have the templar specialty btw. The problem? I just flat out can't deal with mages, i mean it's impossible, they either do that hex of bad luck, so i can do nothing, or just constantly freeze me/set me on fire. How do i counter magic playing as a warrior? I have a high mental resistance but that seems to do jack. Which resistance helps me against things like a hex of misfortune or that annoying hex the darkspawn do where you lose health over time but cannot heal yourself? It's not a massive problem if i'm in a party of 4 (although it is annoying becuase i usually die and have to take over from an ally) but i'm currently in the fade (the mages usunder) for the circle of magi quest and there are 4 mages that all attack me at once! How can i deal with this? Do i need the spirit ability first? Grateful for any help, i really don't wana lower the difficulty to casual but at the moment it's looking like the only option.
  6. The carding system is a joke. I took out rooney on the wing with a mistimed slide, my guy wasn't last man, nor was rooney going through on goal he was just guna fly down the wing. I get a straight red. Ten mins later rafeal (sp) takes out robben from behind with a tackle the same as mine on roony. This time Robben is through on goal and it's in the box, i get a pen but rafeal only sees yellow? Shouldn't that be a straight red, just because i have a pen doesn't mean it still shouldn't be red! This has happened many times, why is it that if you get a pen they don't see red? I think thats stupid, if they get a free kick right on the edge you will see a straight red, but in the box only a yellow? Stupid.
  7. This has got to be the worst achievement i have ever done, currently on 144 games and no chievo. If i put down my control and go afk then they quit, if i take a 2 goal lead they quit, sometimes they even finish the match and dashboard it on the closing scenes it's pathetic. I'm forced into playing crap on purpose and then having to put up with cocky celebrations and messages about how bad i am, even though i'm deliberatly drawing my defenders out so they can score. Absolute joke of an achievement given how the fifa community is.
  8. Looking for someone to boost the good form achievement, would do it legit but people keep quitting on me so it messes it up. On most nights till bout 11 GMT, message me on XBL GT: iLaZyDave x
  9. I am both for and against improving the chievo's. I DO NOT want any stupid chievos that force me to go into co-op, for example fable 3's weapon, clothing achievements and the earn 1,000 gold in another heros world. Stupid and a pain in the arse to get, if i see any of these type of chievo's on the list i won't get the game. I want achievements that are mostly story related, like the last one, but i would also like a few more to add some fun/variety. I think they should reduce the amount you get for the guilds and instead add in some more achievements that incourage people to explore off the beaten path more. Would also like a handful of 5g achievements that are "fun" to get, like some of the ones of fable 2, doesn't have to be many, say 5-10, which is only 25-50g.
  10. Go into a quick ranked match and lose on purpose? Played 25 games so far, think i have won 15, only 2 have stayed if they are losing meaning ! only have 11 games as i disconnected from 1. Anyway around this?
  11. I agree. I spent ages trying to get to the lair by using ledges but it's very hard to spot unless you know where to look. Easyier to just repair the aquaduct near the lair then it flashes up a message telling you the lair is now available and you can just swim in, as the game intended you too.
  12. There are so many theroies in this thread, alot conflict, but nearly all have some evidence to back them up which makes it all so mind boggling! I personally don't think lucy is a templar, i think they added enough in to make you suspicious of her and get the community talking about it. I also don't think she is dead, because why would you kill her, shes cute . I like the theory of "those who came before" being "evil". Since AC 1 haven't you been battling for freewill, against the templars who wish to enslave everyone? Alot of the stuff in the subject 16 videos also seems to be about the templars attempts to control people, which is the same thing the gods want, control. Props to the guy who mentioned that vidic said the animus was "a gift from those who came before" (I don't remember that far back!). That seems like a massive clue to me, especially as at the time we didn't know about those who came before, so it would not seem important at the time, but looking back on it now it seems like a fairly big clue. I also like the idea that lucy was stabbed in the womb to stop her reproducing (atleast temp) so desmond can find "eve" and create a uber god to control everyone! Desmond and lucy seemed to be getting pretty close, there was a whole session dedicated to you and her doing co-op stuff while flirting. Surley the whole point of this was to show that desmond and lucy where getting close otherwise why not just make desmond go through it alone like when getting to the temple with the apple? So many credable theories it really is enough to give you a head ache thinking about it. Also has it been confirmed that the next AC will be the last? There seems so many ends to tie up i hope they don't try and cram to much in. Would personally like to see you go back into the animus one last time before playing full time as desmond.
  13. My first game i was in a lobby with all people under 10, so it was actually pretty good, but after 2 games it closed, and i was then playing with people 20-40 as a level 2, which is pretty unbalanced IMO. Yes, if you can give me some pointers it would be helpful. I usually use smoke bombs, decoy, blend perk and the perk that makes you escape quicker (can't remember name). I find a group, and keep moving with them, have my lock ability on the other person in my group to use as a decoy when i see them, but when they use templar vision i just get owned. I smoke the ground as everyone says but the radius of the bomb is not very wide, and usually gets only one of them, leaving the others free to kill me. Is there no way to "lose" contracts on your head other than if they kill a innocent?
  14. I wasn't trying to be an arse, i was just stating that not many people in Manhunt have mic's and/or seem to be team players. Most games it turns into a free for all, people pushing each other out of the way to get kills/escape. I have 2 friends that play this game but they are not always on so i have to play on my own a fair amount. I just think level ones should be given abit more. Just look at it, a level 1 has an ability, a level 30+ guy has 2 abilities (which he may have upgraded by then) and two perks, he can do alot more than a lower leveled guy. I just think you should start off with a little more, it doesn't make it unplayable but it does make it tedious. I said in the original post that i understood that the point of leveling up is to get new stuff, but compare this to something like CoD, in that you atleast start off with 3 perks available. Imagine if in CoD you started off with just a gun, you have to level up to unlock grenades, secondary grenades, perk slots, equipmenti bet alot of people would complain, and not so many people will play online. Instead they give you something to work with at the start, you just get better ones as you go up, i just think this should of been more like that. I'll give you and example, a level 1 guy is playing man hunt, hes hunting. What can he do against a good high leveled player with the blend perk, rapid reload perk, rapid mute and rapid smoke bombs. All the level one guy can do is go to the general area of the level 50 guy. He has no idea which one the high level guy is, and no way of finding out if the high level guy has any common sense. All he can do is have a guess at who he is, or just wait/move onto another contract. If he choses the wrong person, the high leveled guy can walk up and stun him, wait for him to get up, mute and stun him, wait again and smoke then stun him. Then run off, rinse and repeat. If he doesn't try and guess, the guy can just stand there gaining blend points. Now the high leveled guy is on. He runs to the general area of the low level guy. The low level guy sees him early, activates disguise before the high leveled guy spots him. The high leveled guy activates templar vision and notices the level 1 guy straight away. All the level 1 guy can do is run, and will in all likelyhood get caught/shot in the back for his troubles. I don't think the game is bad, actually now i really enjoy the game, but the leveling is bad, making the game annoying at first because you are so limited in your options. It just seems that a high leveled less skilled player can easily beat a low leveled more skillful player. I bet alot of "new" players buy the game (I'm not talking about people who love the AC series), try online and get swamped by higher leveled players for the first few games. I bet alot of them will think the game is crap and never play it again, unless they are going for the achievement.
  15. Game has gotten a bit better as i have levelel up, but i just think it's stupid to have a leveling system like this. I was playing yesterday at level 1-15 and just getting owned by level 35+ guys, i mean all games have better stuff the higher you go, but a level 50 guy has a MASSIVE advantage over anyone less than level 20, not only better perks but better abilities aswell. Maybe it's just that i'm playing manhunt, but it seems no matter what i do, at multiple times in the game 3-4 people will have me as a contract and will just come and destroy me, i can only fool one and smoke maybe 2, nothing i can do Vs 4. I have yet to manage a game without dieing, and on some of the smaller maps it is extremley hard to hide as there are such limited crowds. Also for the guy that said "it's a team game use your team", they very rarley have mics, and all just tend to lone wolf it, nothing i can do about that.
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