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  1. Looking for any kind souls to help with the $10 million achievement. I have screwed up my save and am down into the 200k range. Any help would be appreciated and I'd be glad to help you with something else (I am level 50, so I can just keep buying back if we need to). I'm really trying to finish up this nonsense. GT - slacker322
  2. This fix worked for me. Took about 12 hours all told. Worth it for that 100% to me though. Cheers!
  3. Took 12 hours from start to finish with this method, but it did work for me. Cheers!
  4. All I have yet to do is the Super Stories and I am at 97.8%. Will those finish it off? Also, can the 100,000 studs be between 2 players in co-op? Or does the person going for the achievement need all 100,000. I'm playing with a friend, and it would be convenient to know.
  5. I just got this game and I could use some help if people want to get together for some of the MP achievements.
  6. Thanks to the original poster for this solution! This worked beautifully for me on 3 maps - Dark Carnival, Hard Rain, The Parish - so I will highly recommend this for people who still need to get this done. Good Luck everyone!
  7. I am looking for all the LIVE achievements before I can't find anyone to play with. I should be a dullard or below for a while longer I imagine so someone could lose to me for that one. Send me a message here or on LIVE, I am free quite a bit the next few days (Sunday excluded).
  8. I can confirm that using multiple save devices will work. Move your main to a usb or memory card, then remove that and start a new player. Once you lose your millions you can simply delete that data from your HDD and reload your good file from save device - this will also work for Quick-Draw McDumbass. Doing it early on before making too much progress in the game is also recommended. Good luck!
  9. Looking for people right now who want to do "Putting the Posse on a Pedestal." We will just be doing hideouts, splitting things up. I have no mic, but send me a message on live and I can invite you to my private free roam. I will be on for a few hours. GT - slacker322
  10. Looking for 3 or 4 guys to boost some levels right now. Just send me a message on xbl. gt - slacker322
  11. A friend and I got through 3 chapters, but then his account got reset. If anyone would like to rush through chapter 4 and onward, that would be awesome. It was on his account, so it would be best if you had a save at chapter 4. GT - slacker322
  12. The Update is LIVE so this achievement is attainable now. A few notes: You can use Help Me's. I used all 3 in a row once he was down to 450,000 or so. If you get hit before using your Help Me's, just die. It will start you back at the checkpoint and there are no repercussions. Overall, not too difficult. Good Luck!
  13. Ah, thanks Phawx, I didn't know they were keeping your footage hostage so to speak. I guess it makes sense though. Any gameplay videos really sort of ruin figuring it out on your own. I'll probably just practice chapters 13-end. Do you have any advice for the timing ones (other than just practicing it until I figure it out). I am referring mostly to chapter 13 and the other that is similar. Oh, and the very end. If you want to not post here as to avoid spoilers, feel free to PM me. Thanks!
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