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  1. How? To me, it sounds like you're expecting the game to give you rewards for nothing. When I first started playing the game I thought Legendaries were impossible, but after playing quite a bit it make sense. I get legendary executions almost every time now, simply by watching how Marius is moving (Going to use his shield - Y. Sword - X. That in itself covers almost every move). Legendary SHOULD be very hard to achieve, I don't understand this 'It should be easier for me' train of thought.
  2. Could all of those who have this glitched please post EXACTLY which collectable Smartglass is telling them to pick up? It could be very helpful in trying to find a cure.
  3. Timeline - Click the level you want to view - Along the timeline it will have little squares, clicking on them will open up information for those collectables and a link to a short video showing someone picking it up.
  4. Do you have windows 8.1? (Note NOT windows 8, must be the updated version). It should just be in the official App store otherwise...
  5. Windows phone, Android, iOS and Windows 8.1 computers/tablets. This may seem a bit simple, but are people sure they're out of combat when trying to pick up the collectables? Otherwise it sucks.
  6. Congratulations!

    Babel Rising [Guide & Roadmap] has been processed and published by Guide Team Staff member Yunder.

    Please post any updates within the Update: Guides & Roadmaps thread. We look forward to your future submissions! Thank you!

  7. Don't bother, already done. I did this in a boosting session with nothign but people, so there was no shooting or anything of the sort. Killed double/triple/quad kills with the emerge and no cheeve.
  8. Definitely glitched, have tried many different methods and none work.
  9. I'M DONE! THANK YOU! xD Finally don't have to worry about this stupid achievement anymore
  10. Sometime between now and 2015. Honestly though it is impossible to know when he'll get around to changing it, could be next Friday, could be Christmas.
  11. Very good paragraph explaining how many of us feel/felt. The 'free' 29 events may help all of those who weren't racing for this seemingly impossible looking achievement, but for those of us who were playing constantly 'just to see' if Pete had actually been bothered to change the event that week this feels like a huge rip-off. If he had been doing it properly, I would have had 30 ages ago. I stopped doing anything towards Seriously when this started happening, and will probably never head back to it now. Still need 1 more event >.>
  12. ...unless you played the event before the free 29/30, or playd this event ID last year. This still isn't good news for a lot of people already stuck at 29, it just means they are now being surpassed by others who haven't had to experience their hell of trying to get event 30.
  13. If he hadn't spent a month doing nothing I woiuld be done with this anyway, still annoyed that I'm still having to watch this constantly...Only 1 to go....Only 1 to go...
  14. Thanks for the update guys Only 3 to go, I might actually finish before New Year at this rate! xD
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