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  1. Can the wife and I both get all achievements in the same game? Thanks in advance for any information given to help answer this question.
  2. I liked someone elses forum with the question on how to go about boosting in this game. A mod closed the forum and directed everyone here, where there is still no answer for his question. If someone has an answer to that question, please post it. If I wanted to know names of people looking to boost, I would have came here in the first place. Please & Thank you in andvance for any assistance. Happy Thanksgiving as well.
  3. Please add me in the next boosting session. GT:YagerMonster420 ( I'm always on.)
  4. Thanks, iBuzz7s! That link helped me too.
  5. Wow! I was very nervous trying this method for untold stories Number Four. It was really rough starting at level one again also, but I saved quite a bit and still came out on top! After I got the achievement for burning the bio-hazardous wastes, I was able to recover my level 50. Whew! Thanks alot!!
  6. Looking to boost the TIR achievements. Im on all time when I'm not at work. Gt is yagermonster420.
  7. I have a mic and just picked this game up. Hit me up at GT: Yagermonster420 :dance:and I'll be down to work on the online achievements as soon as you are.
  8. Sorry to jump in so late in the game, I'm looking to start the escalation mode any time soon. So far, I should be on most of the summer working on my MP achievements on here. So hit me up if you're forming a group, GT = YagerMonster420.
  9. Wow! I guess I checked on these achievements alittle late. It looks like they just did a boosting session, but someone please add me if you're setting up another. I'm a full time gamer and easy to catch. Even if I get the achievement, I would still like to help a group out. Gamertag is YagerMonster420, please mention game with friends request.
  10. Looking to boost this today, I've been in a lobby waiting for an opponent for hours with no one stopping by. GT: Yagermonster420 Edit: I just got these achievements with DeafeningLime, thanks playa.
  11. I jumped in a game once that had everyone taking turns hacking turrets for hacking XP. I don't remember what the pay was, but it was Adam Grab Solo and as long as nobody grabbed the girl, we all had 10 minutes to rack in the XP. Only 4 people are needed for this gameplay, so hit me up if you're interested in this type of boosting. GT: Yagermonster420.
  12. That's old now, lol. I have over 19,000 and I'm only 19th. I've added 10 ppl and I'm not even to 50, 000.... Bums
  13. Ok, I set up the fastest round types of 3 flag/CTF. It's me and RevGBrady in a room that will boost for another 13 hours. Feel free to find it on quick match search and please join my team for wins. RevG doesn't care about achievements for this game, so he will not be playing, just sitting there for people to kill. I will be playing for another 1/2 hour then I gotta get ready for work. I will leave the lobby going while I'm gone, so please get some wins with me on your team if you join. Please and Thank You.
  14. I have a game going now, I'm going to leave it running while I run to work later as well. If you jump in. try to get on YagerMonster420's team so I get wins too, lol. I'm stll looking for the 4 player achievement as well.
  15. I was hoping to win at least one Ranked Tourney, so I set one up today and turned my turbo controller on. If it fills up and you beat me a couple times, at least let me win once please. lol
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