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  1. 26 warlock looking for lvl 28 weekly or raid gt Mo00ose
  2. looking to do weekly strike GT Mo00ose will be on for a while
  3. You have to get gear that adds to +light stat. Levels 20+ are all based on your light stat
  4. Any one have any new tips for this achievement?
  5. Looking for anything with tons of gold find..... this achieve is making want to pull my hair out. I have a handful of random legendaries to trade.
  6. Yea it is still an issue. Got all my stats wiped 4 days ago. Certainly not worth taking a risk to play at the moment.
  7. yea im still stuck at 180/180 and no achievement.....
  8. Just completed all the objectives. My ingame counter says 180/180 but the achieve did not pop for me. When I look at my progress on the achievement page it says that i have it 99% completed. Has anyone else ran into a similar problem or could think of any solutions ?!
  9. I personally think UMVC 3 was still the worst. My fingers will never be the same from that.
  10. * fingers still crossed for lowered requirements on the 2000 matches*
  11. After you input the 2nd manual you can just mash out the ender.
  12. Yea unfortunately this seems to be a reoccurring problem for the online fighting game community.
  13. This app is absolutely terrible and really has no benefit to your game what so ever. Don't even bother wasting space on your phone.
  14. Looking to boost criminal records will be on all night GT mo00ose
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