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  1. Hi I'd love to be added to the preview programme please GT - paulfei
  2. Hi Given the limited community for this game now, I'm not sure a 'gaming session' would have much luck. I've got lvl 40 civs in Greek and Egyptian but I need these last 2 achievements (ie GG noob and you complete me (other than the grinding ones) to do. If anyone wants to get these done before shut down, send me a message and we can sort a time. GT: paulfei
  3. Hi I was on the age of empires forum earlier and stumbled across this thread. Long story short they are giving the blueprints away free so people can complete the game. http://www.ageofempires.com/Forums/yaf_postsm10283_Age-of-Empires-Online-Achievement-Buildings.aspx#post10283 I've just requested mine but hope this can help others.
  4. Im looking to do all MUT season achievements and also H2H achievements. GT: paulfei
  5. I'm looking to do all the online achievements for this one. GT: paulfei
  6. Hi guys I'm trying to get to 15% to finish this achievement off but my accomplishments don't seem to register correctly. For example I've played 10 games but haven't even unlocked the accomplishment for 6 games completed! It's not my favourite game mode and this is making it extra tedious. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. Im looking to do Bros Gonna Bro, Best Friends Forever and Teamwork GT: Paulfei
  8. I did this by deleting my team. If you want to keep your players (as I did) make a 2nd GT and transfer your players to that team. Delete the team and then transfer them back. As far as I can tell, I've only lost the stats. My team name etc remained the same when I, in effect, restarted UT.
  9. This is awesome....nice little touch. Great find
  10. I am doing the Thieves Guild quest line. The guards started attacking me so I went to the guild and used them to pay the Bounty. The guards are still attacking me........they don't give me the option to do anything so I try to yield, which they accept and then immediately start attacking again. It is also stopping me from fast travelling, it says I am always near an enemy. Is there anything I can do about this or do I have to reload an old save.
  11. Im going to be online pretty much all day if anyone wants to boost
  12. I havent done any new map yet so am happy to join any sessions that are on going.....
  13. It is tracking fine...ive no problems on any other game. Ive just done another work out, but it did ask me to adjust the light (eg close curtains) which seemed to boost accuracy
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