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  1. ^ This technique worked great for me. In fact it was just a matter of hitting "A" since every break comes out different using the default break. I was on a draught for awhile, but then I got lucky and my last 3 all came right in a row! Break, pause, main menu; break, pause, main menu. Also, be sure you pause it in time if you're gonna scratch. Start a game of 9-ball and do as Joe instructed above: break, try and make it, if you don't make it then restart and repeat. When you get your fifth ace you will have unlocked 4 achievements: 1. Lucky Break (5) 2. Bankshot Amateur (5) 3. 9-ball Shark (15) 4. Bankshot Ultimate Hustler (40) Good Luck. Once you finish this you'll want to do the 8-ball shark (using 2 controllers). The 8-ball one doesn't have to be off the break like 9-ball, instead you just have to lose the game before you lose your turn.
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    I don't think you can do it in survival.
  3. FN round 2 was way better. This feels slow and clunky. The crowd bothers me, too. In fact, I was disappointed LAST GEN when clumps of spectators all did the same thing. When the Xbox came out those types of prev. gen things were supposed to phase out. Now 5 years later and still the same thing. They can have high-def graphics of every dimple on a face but they can't program 10-20 different movements to randomly allocate to the spectators. As the graphics look better and better, these types of things (mirrored spectators) look hokier and hokier.
  4. This doesn't seem to work with international hookups. I'm in Arizona. Today I tried with both brabbijt from Germany and Panacea73 from Denmark and we experienced technical difficulties Thanks to both for being patient and cool - definitely necessary traits for getting a ranked match connected.. let alone 10 times in a row. Any of you near Denmark should hit up Panacea73 - hes cool and knows what to do. Make sure you know how to make a serve and, more importantly, how to miss a serve. So the process goes like this (since you can't invite to ranked games): Host (serves first): * Xbox Live > Ranked Match > Create Match ** Exhibition > 1 gpm > 7 ppg > Spectators On (hook a brotha up) > 5 pts per serve Other Person: * Xbox Live > Ranked Match > Custom Match ** Exhibition > 1 gpm > 7 ppg > Spectators On (hook a brotha up) > 5 pts per serve It takes the host about 4 seconds to create a game. It takes the Other Person about 10 seconds to display a list of custom games. The server list does not show any names, so the Other Person has to just pick a server at random. Once connected, if your opponent is the wrong person, back out and repeat. This process is the same (but opposite) for the host - if the wrong person connects to your game, you have to back out and do another create game. Luckily the settings remain default so its a lot of pressing A. Join private chat together so one person can search as soon as the other creates the server. Achievements: * 3 streak (35) - Win 3 Ranked Exhibition Matches in a row. * 4 streak (50) - Win 4 Ranked Exhibition Matches in a row. * 5 streak (85) - Win 5 Ranked Exhibition Matches in a row. * 5+ shutouts "Widowmaker" (95) - Shutout opponents in 5+ non-consecutive games (any settings) in Ranked online play. * Spectator (5) - Spectate an online match. Xbox Live > Table Tennis Network > Exhibition > GPM 1 of 1, PPG 7 > Press A to connect > Press A to spectate I see a lot of people have done these achievements - if you have corrections please share. Maybe I'll PM the original poster and see if he'll quote the updated version for the front page.
  5. Thanks for the help, brabbijt! Helped me right after helping someone else - thanks, man. PS - still lookin for someone to do the achievements with
  6. I'm also looking for someone to do the 5-streak and widowmaker achievements with. Feel free to message me.
  7. I find it funny that you equate a gamer score with skill. If your brain was an engine I would start by troubleshooting the logic intake.
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