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  1. I've a Asus G73 and it works like a charm on it. Also bought it on Steam.
  2. I just like good games but Rockstars Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV just stands out so I'd say adventure/RPG due to replay value. Close call on racing games(Forza, Colin etc). They also have a high replay value.
  3. Never got a 200 but my first 1000 was Fallout 3.
  4. I spent more than a day(actually I was so frustrated so I ragequit and continued the next day) taking down that boss in the first Gears of War game. Managed to smash one controller, invented several new cursewords. Dunno why it was so hard(maybe because I played single player with high difficulty and not used to the controller(old PC gamer)) I usually dispose of the bosses rather quickly but this one was wicked hard.
  5. Current top list. 1. Orange box. High replay value 2. Red Dead Redemption 3. GTA IV 4. Forza Motorsport 3 5. Borderlands
  6. 1. HL2 Grav gun. So many ways to kill... 2. Plasmids in Bioshock 3. Drill in Bioshock 2 4. Pimped out .44 magnum in Army of Two 5. Vehicle in Borderlands
  7. Mind games freak me out totally. I found Blair Witch Project scary but all zombie movies are laughters for me. And those Japanese creepy kids...God I hate them...
  8. Some silly name or play with words. For instance, Puttemjuk(putte = slang for micro and mjuk = soft, ie Microsoft)
  9. I'd say the don't have much of a choice :-D It's amazing to see how quickly they pick up the controls and concepts of a game. Some games just don't work but some games they just learn in minutes. But since they don't speak or read English(yet) there is a limit to what games they can play.
  10. Hi there Just typing up my first post here :-D I live in Sweden, 39 years old married with three kids. I've owned both the original Xbox and got the 360 at launch(on my second now, first one RROD). The oldest kid still likes the N***endo(he is soon 4 years old) but I'm trying to get him warned up with some nice racinggames.
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