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  1. To list some The Walking Dead Season 1 The Walking Dead Season 2 The Walking Dead: Michonne Ben-Hur Pneuma: Breath of Life Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series
  2. Probably changes back to a normal achievement once it's higher than 10 percentage .
  3. Where can I get one from and games?
  4. Looking to boost all online achievements since it's dead. Gamertag: Amazing AZ
  5. I need all online achievements help me out and I'll return the favour. Gamertag: Amazing AZ
  6. It wont confirm my postcode? There is only 6 digits to enter I need 6 but I need to use space bar to seperate the digits. I don't think it will let me do it. Does anyone know if this will be the Chinese stack? http://www.play-asia.com/final-fantasy-type-0-hd-chinese-korean-subs-paOS-13-49-en-70-8hwh.html
  7. Really you can do that with your main account? How does it change the currency? How do you do it?
  8. One last question I know i'm spamming this thread with replies but is it Hong Kong account or Chinese account needed?
  9. Nice! How much is it on the marketplace? Can anyone confirm mcnichoj's statement about it being the chinese stack it's just that I don't see anyone outside of china with the game on trueachievements.
  10. Is a chinese xbox one needed for this? & doing this gets the chinese stack?
  11. Hey, can someone please make me an avatar and signature of the picture below of Final Fantasy Type-0. In the Avatar I need the letters AZ in it and for the Signature Amazing AZ.
  12. Great choice on Luke fon Fabre, btw. Tales of the Abyss is easily one of the best Tales games, and I see you have Raven as your profile picture; you seem like a cool dude! :p

  13. Thank you so much those are freaking awesome spazaz man I love them
  14. finished up your sig and avy request :) go check it out and lemme know if you like it

  15. It doesn't make any sense for the challenge to expire to unlock I just think they are all broken.
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