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  1. Looking for someone to do ultra on this. Message me UNDERTOW on live if interested.
  2. downwithmcmahon, BrownCrusader, Newfie Big Mack, MasterNinja33, and myself make 5 gamertags. Are you guys down to make a group? Message me GRAW on live if interested.
  3. Do the 100 wins count towards the survival achievements?
  4. Looking to boost for running the show. I don't have any of the dlc, just a heads up. Message me on live if interested. GT: yo5itobu5
  5. Im online right now, looking to do the defiant achievement, will help with others. GT- yo5itobu5
  6. I got a few people in my group. I plan on doing this on sunday morning, around 9:30 PST, so let me know if you're up for it.
  7. I still need 5 more peeps. PM me or message me on Live if you want in.
  8. I guess I got removed from the previous list I was supposed to be on, so I'm starting a group of my own again. I'm working on the defiant ones only, so add yourself if interested. 1-Yo5itobu5 2-EnigmaScorpio 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8-
  9. Im looking for some help with the online achievements as well. Let me know if anyone is interested.
  10. Ok, i got my team. Ill message you guys on xbox when i can find a time to do it.
  11. Still need 2 more peeps. Message me on xbox if interested.
  12. Looking for a team to do the endure achievement. Add me if you're interested. Best time for me to work on it is the weekend and my timezone is PST. 1-Yo5itobu5 2- 3- 4-
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