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  1. Whats that gonna do? The people who would be participating in the blackout have already bought the damn game. No money would be lost on Infinity Ward/Activision's part, and those people would be right back to playing the game the next day. I don't think they can just up and put the Stealth Bomber in the Assault Strike Package. Not that it isn't possible, its just that they don't know how... Har har har.
  2. I like Bakaara for that CoD4 nostalgia. Hate Dome.
  3. Asking for anything is apparently asking too much.
  4. If you prestige when you are 15th... No one knows what happens... It would be like dividing by zero.
  5. This isn't about opinion, the Desert Eagle is in fact the hardest gun to do well with in MW3. And if you meant which weapon takes the most skill to use, you should have put that as the title.
  6. I love the X41's but some different headset with more speakers in the headphones might get you better performance.
  7. I took a huge break and started playing again. Realized if you stop caring so much it can be a fun game.
  8. I've had many Boxes over the years and none of them ever RROD let alone overheat, plenty of Open Tray though. Installing games to a storage device doesn't prevent overheating by the way. Uninstall the game and see if that fixes your problem.
  9. What I got with this update: Xbox no longer reads discs, just displays READING when starting a game. No warranty either. Definitely will not be paying for a new box. I'm done with Xbox and XBL, BS. Why, why does every update screw something up? This isn't new news.
  10. I used to play role-playing video games developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks... Then I took an arrow to the knee. http://s3.amazonaws.com/kym-assets/news_feeds/icons/original/000/001/985/conspiracy-keanu.jpg?1323200346 I don't know how all these guards are getting shot in the knee with arrows. There aren't any fletchers or ways to make arrows in this game... So there shouldn't even be arrows. @Paka No problems with the site for me.
  11. The core game is already there, the only work that needs to be done is the ability to add a second person to the mix. Of course its never that simple. Multiplayer on the PC is much more likely than on an Xbox, its already been done for Oblivion but it was so bad the project was scrapped. There is also Split-screen to think about. Nothing is impossible on PC MWAHAHA. Your character is already stupidly over powered. Solution: Turn up the difficulty. You could choose to play on Novice if you want and be gods, or play it on Master and see how you like Ancient Dragon Firebreath. I'll be there for all of those years ha! Unless I get super aids. Or get shot in the knee with an arrow of course. Don't you think they would rather wait for a new console to come out before they make that? I mean sure, they might get started on Lore and all that. But actual work on the game...?
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