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  1. as the title says...what items and weapons do u keep when u restart quests that u already have finished...from the main menu any help would be appreciated thnx
  2. ok so 2 weeks have gone by and this achievment is still locked.. but when i would snap the achvments on the side it says..Done! Unlocking... omjeezes for the the love of achivements..how long do i have to wait for this..its ridiculous...have any of u had this that lasted over 2 weeks..and is still locked but is done!unlocking any suggestions...should i log back to x360 and play a game or 2 ..would that help thanks inadvance
  3. I was waiting for you for so long achievement where u reach the inner circle by doing missions and gaining trust to reach disciple rank..i have already reached that rank but no achievement pop..when i went to check it the padlock logo is still locked visually but it says 100%...and no it doesnt even say ..done unlocking... any ideas what to do this is driving me crazy any help would be appreciated thanks
  4. does any know what carries over if u start the following dlc with an already maxed out character..and also if ur items and weapons from ur stash transfers over too Thanks
  5. ooops my bad coz i saw some ppl over at true achievements already unlocking those achievements..probably gamers from the far side of the moon or earth..as they aparently have the dlc already anyways thanks for the fast reply cheers
  6. if any one already got this, which challenge am i supposed to finish to get the specific achievement for it ex..Complete the Wayne Manor AR Challenge as Batman etc... but i cant find the wayne manor challenge im looking at the predator challenge list and cant find it...where and how do u start this thanks
  7. currently have 6/15 need help with this last challenge have cleared all areas and convoys to 0 threat level but havent finish the last or second last story missions... this is really frustrating challenge if u missied it in the convoys clearing parts. any help would be appreciated.please thx
  8. is there any chance to buy it or do we have to wait for some time for it to appear in marketplace...as i wouldnt want my score to be stuck at 1050/1100 coz i dont have the pack
  9. so what ur saying is i can just start my 1st playthru in easy 100% it then when i finish it newgame + will be in hard mode??just for that 1 achievement tied to newgame+ im still confused sorry
  10. i read all the achievements didnt see any difficulty related achievements any1 knows if there any just to be certain and can be put in the roadmap guide thanks
  11. how about the achievements for the side mission and locations for all DLC how would u go about unlocking those on an already completed imported character any replys greatly appreciated captain scarletts booty dlc achvments completionist - Completed all Pirate's Booty side missions gadabout - Discovered all named locations in Oasis and the surrounding Pirate's Booty zones Mister Torgues campaign dlc Motorhead - Completed all Campaign of Carnage side missions hammerlocks big game hunt dlc done that - Completed all Hammerlock's Hunt side missions been there - Discovered all named locations in Hammerlock's Hunt thanks
  12. can someone who has absolutely 100% borderlands 2 on the x360 that went on to buy the remastered version give a detailed list of what achievements unlock when u import ur characters save(assuming u finished it on normal..that goes for all achievements from x360 that is... can someone clarify these achievements if u already 100% them on the x360 version **challenge accepted(do u have to do any of the challenge to unlock it) **world traveller...does this auto unlock once u get to the first area...or do u have to revisit every area/subarea and how would u know if u already visited that area when u imported ur save that has them already unlocked) **Better than Money(what if u bought evrything frm the blk market with all characters that u imported..how would u unlock this) **Bounty hunter,Did it all(do u need to redo all side missions or can u just kill terramorphous for it to unlock) **and the level achievements (what if ur at lv72 already with all characters when importing..how would u unlock them lv5.25.50 achvmnts thanks in advance cheers
  13. will the achievements be for x360 only or do we still need to wait for the xbone version of them achievements
  14. thanks a lot octogon...i had similar issues with prev comments...8/8 but achv tracker says 62%...then free roam for a bit then went back to online freeroam and redid the medium bucket list smashing 90 boards with a random dude...then it popped at the end.. and this was after a few hours and a normal reboot of the console so it basicaly went 62% to 100% then pop goes the sound thanks
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