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  1. It must be awkward for the runners of this site to constantly feel so far behind TrueAchievements as far as functionality and features go.... I mean....achievement tagging? That has literally been at TA for years with Flags...
  2. As someone who already 1k'ed the 360 version and is close to finishing this one.....its EXACTLY the same. I don't even notice a graphical upgrade. Not that that is really a bad thing.
  3. This game is easy guys. If you can't get golds every time....i really don't see why you would bother with the awesomeness achievement. I can get a platinum about 1 in every 4 dailies and have yet to settle for a silver. On the other hand...why have they NEVER released dlc for this game? This is easily in my top 5 retail releases of the last gen. It would've been great to play a couple dlc paintings.
  4. does anyone have any modded 1-hit kill weapons/invincible shields in Borderlands 2 that they could possibly dupe for me? Getting really sick of the grind of this game. I am currently level 47 so please make the weapons no higher than that level as im really jsut wanting to get to level 50...
  5. this is a massive issue that i am experiencing as well with the game.....and am wondering if anyone can update this.....otherwise...it seems the game is broken...to a degree Does anyone know the developer of this that we could possibly contact?
  6. Since Day 6's deals are still active....can anyone recommend Pool Nation, Real Steel or Nights into Dreams based on a PURELY gamerscore standpoint? I dont care at all about the quality of the games...jsut the ease or lack thereof of the achievements.
  7. Where has the sticky thread titled "New and improved DotW" gone? Im not diggin this re-design and getting rid of "general xbox 360 discussion" and "xbox 360 games" sub-forums.
  8. Hi guys. I am in a pretty serious pickle here and was wondering if I could get some opinions. i have fully completed my first playthrough and only have the three big ones left. Foxiest, beating it on Hard, and Pacfisit. Seraphim17 has made what appears to be fantastic Youtube videos for the entire run....but heres the problem...I didnt know that apparently playing on hard gets rid of the ENTIRE HUD. That would make the Foxiest achievement EXTREMELY hard when you cant actually see the minimap in the bottom left corner to see if guys are "suspicious" or "alarmed" or w/e. i probably should have just done my first playthrough on hard..but hindsight is 20/20. I would really prefer to avoid a 3rd playthrough...but it seems like i may have to just run through the game as quick as possible on hard...and then do a runthrough on easy for foxy and pacifist...although i would really rather just do one more. Can anyone help with this problem or is it really not that hard playing without a HUD?
  9. Can anybody give pointers on these FOUR levels? Summer Pignic 24, Mooncake Fest 10-4, Mine n Dine 16-14 and 17-13. They are all brutal levels. Thanks!
  10. does anyone have a higher res version of classic bonus 4? this is a nightamre of a level.
  11. ianke_2002

    Diablo 3

    With all the Sony hubbub the other day and the announcement of Diablo III coming to the PS4, does anyone know whether or not it will be coming to a Microsoft platform?
  12. the fact that you put this as 2 hours is a fucking joke. id LOVE to see anyone start this up from scratch and get the 200 within 2 hours. LOVE to. NEVER going to happen. 10-15 is a lot better.
  13. Well now i gotta pray they put these damn things on DotW or during these holiday sales.... not bloody likely.
  14. I went to my dash, based on what you had said...waited the 45 minutes for the damn thing to download...clicked a couple of menus when it DID download...randomly popped 3 achievements and then found out you need to buy a season pass for 2400 MSP. Goddamn you. Lol...Now my completion % is fucked as i dont particularily want to waste 30 dollars on this and i dont see this being discounted anytime soon.
  15. does anyone have any idea waht the 26th is going to be? im just so damn curious what that ? really is...
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