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  1. Looking for someone who has a world for the play together update so I can finish it. Gt is open ended sky
  2. looking for a player that would like to tag team achievement
  3. need help getting all these achievements on xbox one and 360 DLC: Title UpdatePrice: Free Achievements: 7 Points: 170 The Deep End30 Defeat an Elder Guardian. (3) Great View From Up Here20 Levitate up 50 blocks from the attacks of a Shulker. Change of Sheets20 Dye your bed a different colour. (1) Cheating Death30 Use the Totem of Undying to cheat death. (5) So I Got That Going For Me...20 Lead a Caravan containing at least 5 Llamas. Let It Go!20 Walk across the surface of a deep ocean by freezing the water with Frost Walker boots. Feeling Ill30 Defeat an Evoker. (1)
  4. does anybody wanna boost the multiplayer achievements
  5. You do realize that this game has the same number of achievements as the 360 version since the DLC came out
  6. can anybody help me with the wheel of death achievement on 360 I missed and it the only one I need
  7. Does anybody know where to get a german copy of vegas 2 I cant find one
  8. Just got the Japanese version would anyone wanna boost me to lvl 69 hive give good gear or coop
  9. Wanna boost all achievements I have a buddy with two controllers need 2 more
  10. Looking to do 30 waves I'm lvl 47 n needs to be done with 4 as its easier
  11. 4 player achievement and party achievement
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