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  1. Good evening, I'm looking for some decent level 60 Witch Doctor or Wizard items: Manajuma's Gory Fetch (my current holy grail) any Legendary or Set Mojos or Orbs (Homunculus not needed) any Legendary or Set Helms, Hats, or Masks (Blind Faith not needed) I can offer some legendary items in return including: Goldskin w/ big Armor boost Puzzle Ring & an assortment of weapons and amulets Shoot me a message on live if interested. GT is: Hectorpuppet. Sorry, no mic.
  2. Looking to buy or borrow a purple or above Commando Class Mod, any type or level. Thanks in advance.
  3. http://www.consolidatedfilms.com/images/blog/sleeping/old-woman-sleeping-mouth-open-LG.jpg
  4. If I haven't died of old age by the time they're released, I'll buy whatever DLC they put out (excluding Pinbot because I don't want that cruel bastard on my HD) regardless of achievements. They're not getting a dime from me on any Kickstarter funds either. No way am I paying for a table that I might never get to play.
  5. Thank Christ the new Avengers tables come out for FX2 tomorrow so I can finally focus on something else. I'm not touching this shit-assed game again until the DLC that should have come out 3 months ago gets released.
  6. Agreed, this table is a horrible unfair cheating ripoff shitbastard prick son of a motherfucker. It's not a question of if your ball will get uncerimoniously pissed away down a gutter, but when.
  7. Here is a MUCH easier way to earn "A Clash With Evil": Just use the Jitsu of Mijin, which costs you a life but gives you another ninjitsu attack. If you're playing on easy, two of these will kill the boss and you'll unlock it without having thrown a single shuriken.
  8. Yes, it is unfortunately one of the five standard goals needed for the achievement. I was never able to get it on WPHOF and it's doubtful I'll get it on this either. You shouldn't let that discourage you from getting this, however. Ripley's and Theater of Magic are both a blast.
  9. GT: Hectorpuppet Feel free to send me a request if you'd like some leaderboard competition. I also have all of the Pinball FX2 tables.
  10. GT: hectorpuppet I have all of the tables and am always hungry for new competition.
  11. I have 7 S Ranks and 3 A Ranks with a total of 4 mins 2 secs. Even if I do S Rank everything I'll still be around 15 secs short of the target. Any idea what I'm doing wrong? All I can think of is beating the boss in 10-15 secs but I can't pull that off.
  12. I also have a save at the boss and need a partner. GT is Hectorpuppet; I'll be available pretty much anytime until Feb 23. Edit: Got it thanks to xI Foxtrot Ix.
  13. Game Room. A fantasitc concept that was so poorly implemented it turned out to be like a candy store that only sells wax lips and black licorice.
  14. I'm up for the competition. gt: Hectorpuppet
  15. http://www.vooks.net/story-19656-Update-Krome-Studios-to-close-on-Monday.html Feel bad for the employees, but Game Room could have been money on a silver platter if it hadn't turned out to be an Atari 2600 dumping ground.
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