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  1. reserved just in case, will add "do not's" tomorrow
  2. If you reach maximum affinity with a companion, you will get a special perk. For Nick Valentine, Curie, MacCready and Cait's perk you will also have to complete an additional quest first. Note that there is some sort of hidden "cooldown" to specific events like lockpicking or upgrading weapons/armor. Just do it once, teleport to another location, teleport back and do it again to bypass the cooldown. Cait Perk: Trigger Rush - Action Points regenerate faster if your Health is below 25 percent. Increase affinity: make selfish or violent dialogue choices, drink alcohol, pick locks (dungeons & owned), pickpocket, walk around naked Codsworth Perk: Robot Sympathy - You receive +10 Damage Resistance against robot energy weapons. Increase affinity: make generous or nice dialogue choices, modify weapons and armor, heal Dogmeat, deliver quest items Curie Perk: Combat Medic - Once per day you heal 100 Hit Points if your Health falls below 10 percent. Increase affinity: make nice/mean/peaceful dialogue choices, heal Dogmeat, deliver quest items Paladin Danse Perk: Know your Enemy - You deal +20 percent more damage against Feral Ghouls, Super Mutants and Synths. Increase affinity: make nice or violent dialogue choices, enter Power Armor, enter Vertibird, modify weapons and armor Dogmeat no perk Deacon Perk: Cloak & Dagger - You receive +40 percent Stealth Boy duration and deal +20 percent more sneak attack damage. Increase affinity: make nice or mean dialogue choices, deliver quest items, hack terminals, heal Dogmeat, pick locks (dungeons & owned), speech success (more caps) Hancock Perk: Isodoped - At 250 rads or higher you get criticals 20 percent faster. Increase affinity: make generous/peaceful/violent dialogue choices, use chems, deliver quest items MacCready Perk: Killshot - Headshot accuracy in VATS is increased by 20 percent. Increase affinity: make violent dialogue choices, pick locks (owned), steal, speech success (more caps) Piper Perk: Gift of Gab - Receive double exp for speech success and discovering new locations. Increase affinity: make generous or mean dialogue choices, deliver quest items, heal Dogmeat, pick locks (dungeons) Preston Garvey Perk: United We Stand - You deal +20 percent more damage and gain +20 Damage Resistance when facing three or more opponents. Increase affinity: make generous/mean/peaceful dialogue choices, deliver quest items, modify weapons Strong Perk: Berserk - When you fall below 25 percent health, you deal +20 percent more melee weapon damage. Increase affinity: make generous/peaceful/violent dialogue choices, eat corpses, murder non-hostiles Nick Valentine Perk: Close to Metal - You get one extra guess and 50 percent faster terminal cooldown when hacking. Increase affinity: make nice or mean dialogue choices, deliver quest items, hack terminals, heal Dogmeat X6-88 Perk: Shield Harmonics - You receive +20 Energy Resistance. Increase affinity: make selfish or peaceful dialogue choices, enter Power Armor, hack terminals, modify weapons and armor, speech success (more caps)
  3. You have to start on a brand new save slot. Take your time. Sadly you cannot backup your savegame on Xbox One. This guide details how to quickly get some gold: http://www.trueachievements.com/a200839/thanatophobia-achievement.htm?showguides=1 A clown dagger room would be best for gold farming (throw all but one dagger, exit the game) but it depends on your luck if you can find one near a teleporter. Also a Spelunker is obviously good for farming. I found the most robust newbie classes the Shinobi/Hokage (deals more damage, runs faster, cannot crit) and the Barbarian King (has more health and 25% damage reduction), but it depends on your own preferences probably. Skill-wise you should level health, damage, armor, some equip load and maybe crit if you don't like the Hokage. And... good luck
  4. Geminiphobia: This achievement is currently glitched and can only be unlocked if you beat the game twice IN A ROW, without exiting the game. Decidophobia: Did you unlock the Dragon class yet? It's all the way on top of the skill tree/manor ON ANOTHER SCREEN (yeah it's dumb).
  5. Has anyone not gotten an achievement for one of the remixed bosses, then tried again in another playthrough and unlocked it after defeating him the 2nd time? Reason I ask is that I didn't get the Brohannes achievement and don't want to kill all the super PITA remix bosses again only to find out that I still can't get the achievement for the twins Edit: Got it the 2nd time around, 1000G complete now
  6. My main problem with this game is that the difficulty is all over the place. It starts off very hard but gets easier over time due to upgrading and beating the first boss is no problem. Then you breeze through the second area only to hit another brick wall with the second boss for a while. Then you breeze through the other two areas and kill the other two bosses with ease, but the final boss again seems impossible. Then you try your luck with the remixed bosses. The asteroids boss is a joke, but the others are insanely hard. That's where I am right now, not sure if I want to play much more. Tried Neo Khidr & Green Lantern for two hours each with no success and I'm about to delete this game and call it a day.
  7. Not sure, but you can also use the other pretty good leader of the Northern Realms who cancels all weather effects and just put an additional war horn instead of a clear weather card in your deck
  8. As OP and several others have already pointed out: The Northern Realms passive perk (draw 1 card when you win a round) and their Siegemaster leader are so hilariously overpowered, you will never need to play another faction/hero. Still I want to play a Monster deck, but I don't have enough cards for it yet. The Monster faction perk (1 random of your creatures stays on board after each round) is also very good. The other two faction perks (decide who goes first / win draws) are really subpar in comparison.
  9. How are you supposed to do the "spend no money" run? Should be the hardest achievement with 6 (or 5?) health, no phase locket, no chalices and no ranged options. Any tips? Edit: Oh NVM, I just found out that you're supposed to buy everything in NG and nothing in NG+ and you will get this at the end of NG+. Very misleading achievement IMO.
  10. Is this exactly the same game as on Xbox 360 or have there been any changes like additional levels or something? Just wondering because I already 1k'd the 360 version and am looking forward to the One version being free with gold next month
  11. I guess it's not for everyone. But for me, it's one of the best 2D/Arcade/Indie games I've ever played. Very addictive and lots of fun. Also devilishly hard, I'll never be able to get ending A, but I'm okay with that. Feels like a stripped down 2D version of Dark Souls. Hope there will be a sequel
  12. So, is it better now? More fps, less slow-downs?
  13. Since Torvin was the weakest character story-wise and mounts/mounted combat was the weakest gameplay element for me, I probably won't be getting this DLC... Unless it's awesome Gogo Monolith!
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