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  1. like 99% of people I'm using the tag that gives me the best stats. #82
  2. Agreed, not worth it, its also an overly hard 200G to grind out.
  3. I'm still not motivated to get to 70 however... Well atleast they made a patch.
  4. Alot of people are calling "Glitch" but this is more likely to be a flaw in the reward system of unlocking tags. All you can do to try and increase your chance of getting all 101 at level 70 is to get as many awards as possible before hand. I'm level 59 and I have 50% of all awards obtained, play different game modes, use different weapons, fuck run around only using a pistol if thats what it takes. Also: on the topic of awards: those awards for coming in 2nd and 3rd in FFA games are bullshit, I shouldn't have to sacrifice my score just to get those, I've played 4 Deathmatch and 2 Last Man Standing, and have placed first in every game. What it should have been was "Place atleast 3rd" and "Place atleast 2nd" so that people that dont lose dont get punished.
  5. doesnt mean you have to make a new list, just post the info in the current thread. God dammit have some common sense.
  6. Tags dont seem to just randomly unlock for no reason, its always when you level up or complete an award, the order is random.
  7. There is no point to playing Black Ops other than to not die. 117/0 in Black Ops = 1234 experience, I can get that in 5 minuts in a TDM game.
  8. I was a 59 last night, if my rank reset I quit.
  9. What I hope for: Fixes spawns so that people cannot sit inside them Fixes SMG's so they are not sniper rifles Fixes LMG's so they are useful Fixes grenades blast radius Fixes matchmaking system Fixes bad host selection *This is just what I want not what it is*
  10. This seems very restricted to people who are level 70 already, anyone who is not will not be sure if they will or wont unlock the achievement. IF I play this game long enough to get to 70 without breaking something I will let you know.
  11. Just wondering if anyone can disprove my theory on this: I have played alot of games, and I have never scored more tha 5000 points per game, however I have played atleast 3 different games where my score was EXACTLY 5000. This just makes me feel that there is a maximum score you can earn per game, can anyone disprove/confrim this?
  12. Its not my fault if he didn't get it when it worked, he had an opportunity.
  13. Starting a domination hack level boost/hack the gibson group THIS WEEKEND. Message if interested 1. Runic Aries 2... 3... 4... 5... 6...
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