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  1. Any squads i can join my stats are: Level: 99 Kills: 13,500 Deaths: 6,800 GamerTag: Nutty Scouser
  2. The above did not work for me i was still stuck on 99% for about week, with out a grudge, so i said said sod it il get the Jack The Ripper DLC started jack the ripper hit 1 post on the carriage and it popped, i think with the DLC it starts the counter again - Hope this helps as this was annoying me, it could work with other stuck cheevos in the game ... DLC - JACK THE RIPPER - RESTARTS THE COUNTER... .. .. ..
  3. im having a major stat problem cant track shit
  4. This game should not of been released unfinished, i think the govening body need to find this company for fraud
  5. retail far better than all this internet downloading crap, plus sell on value - retail all the way
  6. I think its very easy to die, is there any tips, campaign and multiplayer sseem quite easy this exo survival seems just silly
  7. got it on 360 - i think its neat graphics are good but online as above is very very laggy and has cost me deaths - my internet speed is immense aswell, must be there servers
  8. Curious to know has this COD had a good amount of effort put in the 360 version...
  9. For anyone that needs there stats..... I meant Tomb Raider in title lol http://stats.tombraider.com/
  10. Thought i would have a bash at BF4 after a while, as im a premium yep i feel ripped off, downloaded Dragons Teeth and WTF mad colours all over my screen like in the last DLC as if its a rainbow, so i reset the xbox load it up again , and wtf again now its stuck on trying to get a game im so fuckin DONE with this game, broken broken broken to high heaven............ trading it tommorrow had enough and not going through all that broken shit again Us as customers should have a mass refund, this is mis leading customers into a full working product, if i buy a cup from the shop i expect it to have handles, i expect this shit to work
  11. Ive dropped x3 times today EA shitty servers not fair you loose everything this is becoming a problem with this game x
  12. it is i think, but i cant cant get into it all though i wanted too, but same for castlevania first one was awesome second one meh
  13. Im i playing on my xbox 360 or is a ZX spectrum what a truly big fuck up with the colour,
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