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  1. Tried farming when my titan reached level 25 but i could have sworn this doesn't work like what Chickgun said...
  2. Oh, that's why i always killed by surprise when i looked at the radar i don't see any enemy then suddenly i get blasted by a shotty! lol! So, i may really have to postpone my crucible quest for now until I get on my second play. Thanks for chiming, everyone!
  3. Pardon me if this has been asked before. But my search didn't pull out anything. Started out as a titan. Man, I hate its double jump (if that's what you call it?) particularly for PvP. More hang time, easier target! I have yet to change class once I'm done doing my titan run but would like to throw this question out so i would know my options right away. TIA!
  4. Have yet to confirm if that Goliath mask is (really) wearable by an adult. Otherwise, it's another legendary mask where one would need to get rid of its innards! LOLz!
  5. This is freaking awesome! Best deal in town! Even with that $67 FEDEX shipping it wouldn't come close to what I paid $212.30 eventhough Play-Asia only charged me $27.40 for shipping (FEDEX too). Credit goes to 'em for the release day delivery of my ULCE to my place here in DC! Not to forget the package came in good condition even the shipper box! If it wasn't for Gearbox saying it's "LImitEd" & the commotion stirred by our so-called friends from media I could have just waited for this moment & I'd still have saved something for the diamond plate limited edition as well! Like how much, eh? If I get my math right around $45 would be saved for another run this so-called 'limited' which is the diamond plate loot chest. So, that's like almost half of its price, right!? I mean I wouldn't get burnt as much as what happened from me by getting on the bandwagon after Gamestop screwed my pre-order! Oh, well let bygones be bygones. Just saying so others would be aware of this fiasco! Lately, I haven't been so much into these 'limited'! Go figure!
  6. Look at this gamer's game-achievement list, he already played & got a bunch of achievements unlocked: https://live.xbox.com/en-US/Profile?gamertag=SitCorn I doubt since my posse said he got to play with him in Halo 4 and he's just around SR 10 that time and he already got the Stand Off stance (Earn the Commendation Covenant Ordnance - Master) for his character!
  7. By the looks of it, should be: http://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=NEC12055&mode=retail Thus, if you're like me, I'd rather skip on this kilo squad edition especially after finding (assuming) that figure isn't exclusive at all! Epic fail!
  8. This guide would come in handy when my game arrives at the mail today! Thanks, Bob!
  9. Grrrriffic! Can't wait to get my grubby hands on mine as well! But sure hope they'd have some replacements going on cuz mine for sure would be running close to 24/7! What if down the road something breaks & needs to be replaced esp that i would leave that running for long hours! That's really badass!
  10. Haven't looked around for unboxing vids. But sure made me not regret anymore! LOL! Thanks for posting your 'unboxing', mate! I know bigbadtoystore used to have that special red version but not anymore! Well, just like you said, I might have to be happy with that colorway left for pre-order!
  11. ZOMG! Been diggin' this limited edition but my posse's no longer in UK/ EU. I'd rather have this action figure over a plasma lamp which i'll be receiving at the mail morrow! Well, i was looking at getting the figure at a US online toystore, from bigbadtoystore or cornerstorecomics but they're selling a different color scheme. And the red version also sold out quickly!
  12. Here's what I'm usin': https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhFsHQLashxcdG0zUmRFQXdia3ZHWHpFdlNPS1haT0E#gid=0 Credit goes to whoever from gearbox forum who started it all(i have yet to scour the tons of pages on that thread)
  13. No worries, pare! Be careful just don't try to get yourself slagged there in Pandora. That lvl 50 Bee shield I gave you doesn't give you any immunity from anything at all except it's a hi-capacity, has a super fast recharge rate! & it packs a major amp damage (+51131) when its fully charged with your next weapon shot! :uzi:Just be sure to use it with that lvl 50 orange shotty i gave you as well and for sure you're close to being invincible!
  14. is it the Forgotten head & Fired up Skin for Vault Hunters edition, right? Then for ULCE, Zer0? I can't seem to tell since I can't remember anymore from the bunch of heads i've got!
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