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  1. Does changing the clock affect anything else? I know in the first Fable you actually aged but I can't find an age stat anywhere.
  2. Just got through the game to the $1,000,000 questions without any cheats and then it asked me a question I literally couldn't answer using google, and decided that isnt really fair so I'm gonna post my question and the correct answer here to help anyone else. I encourage others to do the same. ART Q: What are planets calle that do not have solicate surfaces? A: Jovian U.S. Geography Q:What other plains combined with the Gulf Plains to make the Coastal Plains? A: Atlantic I couldn't find that any where using the question. Good Luck
  3. You can also set rewinds to unlimited and get the touchdowns without "wasting a play." I just used to Jets against the Lions and got this and the 300 yard rushing achievement in the same game to bring my total to 1000.
  4. I usually offer the COM players a bit more than they paid for a property as soon as I can. If they say no, then I offer again immediately, offering a bit more. This almost always works, and I'm pretty sure doing it this way will help get achievements. *This pretty much only works on the easy skill level.
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