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  1. yeah but you have to consider how many of those views came from people who participated in the 1000 online that a360p did on saturday. but if they can do it, why can't we
  2. I used something similar to this approach, but i also made the players on the other team 4'6" and two of my players all 7'6" and you might as well max them out at 99 to make it easier. You could do your whole team but this makes it so you don't have to compete for blocks as much. I got the achievement by the 2nd quarter, and the CPU got it w/ the other big man mid-way through the 3rd, using 5 min quarters on Hall of Fame difficulty. Also, when you get a rebound just press Y twice and you'll travel giving them the ball back immediately. This is quicker than going out of bounds since they have that nifty semi-wall thing goin on. It'll maximize the chances you get for blocks. Hope this helps.
  3. I'd say the second lvl by far is the easiest to get this. If you have the riot shotgun, once you get to the top to meet jaime (where the helicopters are) save it, wait for the troops to unload, and just knock-out 5 of em, takes like 10 secs, then if you want you can reload and do that part more stealily. Just my 2 cents.
  4. you'll find that the hardest tables then become the ones w/ the red balls b/c if you hit them its an automatic 2 stroke penalty. However if you've been getting birdies/pars most of the way, you should have in the ball park of a score around -10 or better. so just wail away on these ones. Full power and some spin. On the ones where you're only required to sink one ball, if you get lucky, which i was able to do w/o many attempts, you'll sink the required ball on the first shot, and since the max penalty you'll get no matter if you sink 1 red x-ball or 30, is 2 strokes, you can still come in w/ birdies on the more difficult tables. hope that makes sense, good luck all.
  5. yeah i need help on 20 co-op too
  6. So I only had the jungle to beat on single player and co-op perfect agent, i was just playing co-op by myself , anyways, somehow my game save got corrupt and so now I'm back at square one, and i really dont feel like doing co-op all over again on my own so if anyone is interested in a partner send me a FR or message... gamertag: WtHockey or if you somehow know of some magical way to recover my lost save, that would even more incredible lol
  7. If anyone else is lookin for a Perfect Dark partner I'm down...send a message/friend request gamertag: WtHockey
  8. I'll be on around 3pm PST if anyone wants to go for these achievements send me a PM and we can help each other out. gamertag: WtHockey
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