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  1. I got a PS3 and Black Ops (already got it on 360) and I'm finding the PS3 mp a lot easier.. the ps3 players don't seem to be as near as good as the 360 players. And yes, I do think the 360 graphics are a tiny bit better than on ps3
  2. Happy Birthday, Cacky!!

  3. No broken bones thankfully. Did get a hole in my hand though when a spike was sticking up on a wooden banister.
  4. 1. Any but only concentrate on one 2. All expect achievements/trophies and montages 3. No more than 2 4. Facebook and Twitter 5. Informal
  5. I'd say I'm alright, nothing special though. I think I have a nice body though so that makes up for it.
  6. Yeah, things are going well. Cheers Jason. :) And yes I am still doing image work. :p

  7. Hey Cacky - Got a question? Was wondering if you were still doing some image work? You may recall the orientation thread if you will [HERE]. Send me a message whenever you get a chance. Hope things are going well.

  8. Please check my post in the sig request thread. If you can help that'll be grand! We've got a bit of a back log!

  9. Gackt also gets my vote.
  10. Thanks so much. :D

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