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  1. Mine was Rallysport Challenge 2 on the first series of XBOX-consoles. To bad it isn't patched for useage on the 360
  2. Great guide. Helped me a lot for the combo's... +1
  3. I"m willing to boost. I'm not that good online either. only need the 'be prepared' achievement but we could set up a private match for helping each other out? grtz
  4. maybee someone tried it before, but what if you set up a party? Can't it be done then? Just got it today for nothing, so I'm willing to try it with someone
  5. great vids.... although i still have problems getting the last kit... In Arctic World, after you go in the vault, you need to pas those gates? Everytime I try...I always miss 1 or 2. No matter what i do... Isn't there an easier way for getting it? 'cause if you miss 1, you'll have to replay the whole level.... :s
  6. Same here, also from belgium and need the online cheevo's 2
  7. same problem here... None of my friends were interested in this game. They rather wait until the next Dirt is coming out (one with pure rallying in it) So i'm up for some challenges and Team races such as the deliverie races my gamertag is TiponiDP
  8. I've managed the Hairpin addicted ach with a Ford RS200. Those group B cars drift like hell and are very fast to so it's rather easy with this ;-)
  9. I'm at 70% in TRTWRC and played over 14hours. So my guess is about 20-25 depending on your driving skill
  10. previous reply had some flaws;-) The perfect storm ach is rewarded not after getting the 18 crowns as i said before, but when you 'mastered' all the lessons. I noticed this when i saw i had all the crowns, but didn't master 2 lessons, so after mastering them i was rewarded the ach. Hope this clears a lot ;-)
  11. Only drive in first or second gear. any track will do... just do as said...Don't jump, don't hit,don't drift. And the achievement is yours. First time I tried it, a was a little to fast and had minor damage to wheels and body, second time i drove almost 10minutes for the short Spanish stage that's mentioned, didn't had damage at all and got the achievement. Just block yourself from puttig the pedal to the medal
  12. Had the same thought. You need to beat the ghost and you'll recieve a crown on that 'lesson'. Noticed it earlier today and I'm on pursuit for my last crown ;-) guide needs to be updated ;-)
  13. New Born ach... OK got it ;-) stupid mistake made by me, I thought if I just hit the RB it will respawn... Didn't know I had to hold it until the screen flashes
  14. damn... Tokyo stages are awesome, short but tricky at some points ;-) I love it
  15. Are there any achievements to earn when competing on these events?
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