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  1. I can't believe i hyped up this game, and made my friends buy it. Waste of money.
  2. Didn't BattleField 3 have updates larger than 2 Gigs?
  3. Ha, funny thing just about one day ago i went to my local game stop and saw a BUNCH of payday 2's on the wall for 360 and PS3.
  4. If they ever release another game for the consoles, i hope it does horrible in sales. Hahah
  5. Has anyone else had problems getting "Can't touch this" on Complications?
  6. Level 95, looking for a group of people to help with Short Fuse, King of the hill, and Cappuccino to go, please.
  7. Just so everybody knows, the new patch ruined the whole game on PC haha.
  8. Are you really getting mad over my opinion? You think it's shit that's cool, i think it's amazing.
  9. Don't worry i agree, the music is amazing.
  10. Yeah, i always only play with one friend, still pretty fun.
  11. You should try and call your gamestop, my gamestop has over 30 haha
  12. Lmao 505 Games is such a horrible Publisher, they didn't even send enough copies to cover the pre orders.
  13. Th33Troop33r

    PC Beta

    I just noticed, they haven't shown any console gameplay, hopefully they aren't shitty PC ports.
  14. Th33Troop33r

    PC Beta

    Ahh thank you, last time i checked steam had it for the 27th. Pretty pumped right now.
  15. Th33Troop33r

    PC Beta

    Well... just saw this.. https://twitter.com/locust9/status/364645761583030272 So it seems that the console version is coming out first then?
  16. Th33Troop33r

    PC Beta

    So is the release date the 13th, or is it still unknown?
  17. Not even close haha Q: How many Heists are there in PAYDAY 2? A: There will be 17 Heists in total, consisting of 30 'days' or 'stages' of Heists. It will also feature 6 randomized dynamic escape scenes, so that will get the total amount to 36 unique locations in total.
  18. I like the Call of Duty: Ghost reference haha
  19. Ahh was about to say 60 bucks for a arcade game would be crazy.
  20. So is the game a full retail game now?
  21. http://www.theverge.com/2013/7/1/4483232/xbox-boss-don-mattrick-reportedly-leaving-microsoft-for-zynga Seems like he needs more money.
  22. Just go to the area where he is, and keep saving and quitting if he isn't there.
  23. I have all of the weapons and willing to trade with people for the achievement, but make sure to give my weapons back and at least have some of them and don't ask for all 50 -.-
  24. Heh, i looked through their videos and i can't find the one about sharing games anymore. Edit: It's only a different channel my bad haha
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