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  1. Darkened Night Swords (6) The Merchant's Bodyguard Mr. Stabby Slimquick Souldrinker The Swinging Sword Thunderblade Hammers (6) Auora's Shield Faerie Hammer of the Moon King Scythe's Warhammer Sorrow's Fist Trollblight The TYPO Pistols (5) The Barnumficator Bloodcraver Briar's Blaster Reaver Industries Perforator Tee Killer Shooter Rifles (6) Defender of the Faith The Equalizer Facemelter The Sandgoose Scattershot The Shrieking Pilgrim After I get my achievement I don't mind donating any and all weapons. edit: Thank for all your help Darkened Night.
  2. It depends on what playlist and achievements your going for. For most of the multiplayer achievements you can get by with 6 players, but there are a few achievements that will require at least 8 players to start the playlist.
  3. Great Guide. It's been very helpful.
  4. Great guide it has been really helpful.
  5. No it does not count towards the 30 gold achievement.
  6. Great guide it really helped me out.
  7. If you press the back button on your controler you can see your progress for the secondary objectives on your current level.
  8. AC: 200/200 (WP7) ACI: 1000/1000 ACII: 1000/1000 ACB: 1250/1250 ACR: 1490/1490 ACIII: 1000/1000 Overall: 5940/5940 (100%)
  9. When is the achievement suppose to pop? Is it right after you upgrade the last skill or do you have to play a game in the majors. Either way I think its glitched on me to.
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