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  1. i cant believe it took 45 posts for someone to say patton oswalt! so him, louis c.k. nick kroll paul f tompkins brett gelman, pete holmes, doug benson, tig notaro, anthony jecznick, many more. right now is a great time for comedy. AND FUCK JEFF DUNHAM ih and kyle dunnigan [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWu5aQiSwFA]Kyle Dunnigan - "Oh Yeah" - YouTube[/ame]
  2. i agree about it possibly being a great trilogy for fincher. as far as people not liking foreign films thats totally a legit argument people are dumb. I myself enjoy foreign films i just never had the drive to see these when they were swedish. But you cant stop hollywood theyre only gonna make more remakes and sequels they are all out of ideas.
  3. That'd be hilarious if some coked up exec at Warner bros revolted the franchise after this and made it like the tv series from the sixties. "Robin pass me the can of shark repellent spray!"
  4. No that was not his wife I've read the book. Girl with the dragon tattoo 8 outta 10
  5. I did a quick search and didnt find a thread so... I just saw the american version of the girl with the dragon tattoo. I havent seen the foreign versions or read the books. But I think David Fincher made a really good Murder Mystery Movie. Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara had really cool chemistry on screen. And watching their two seperate stories come together was great. The Rape scenes were very hard to watch. But very important to the developement of the character. The setting and clothes were really impressing not to mention trent reznors score. What did everyone else think?
  6. you guys and gals make good points. i doubt the cat will come back. If it does i hope i have the strength to find the man and his crazy cat lady wife. Thanks for the input! p.s. My avatar is Charles Bukowski poet and author
  7. im not sure what the laws are for taking a cat. with no tags or anything. im just worried about the morality of taking what doesnt belong to you even if its gonna be a better life.
  8. So my wife and I just moved to some apartments and we heard meowing outside on our porch late two nights ago. we looked outside and didnt see anything. heard some again the next day, only briefly so we thought it was our cat in our house and left for some errands. When we got back 3 hours later we still heard meowing so we opened up the the back door and in walks a little kitten. We decided to bring her in because we like animals and we live next to a busy road and it was cold out. So i gave her a bath with some cat shampoo and i saw a flea on her and gave her some flea medicine. Meanwhile my wife puts up signs on the mailbox. saying we found a cat. She slept the night with us and we kinda fell in love with her. Today sadly the owners called and collected her. My wife said that the man who came and got her looked very poor possibly homeless and that fact coupled with the fleas on her makes me think that if she ever comes back we should keep her and give her the best life possible. I cant get the idea that we could give her a better life than her owners could. But then i would be stealing an animal. Its just a crazy idea. But what would you do?
  9. you would think so but no it doesnt
  10. i figured it out! now my only problem is i cant figure out how to use the dpad instead of the joy stick :/
  11. well i am running xp. And the drivers i installed from the companys website were for 98/2000/xp. so i doubt thats the problem. im not really that tech savy with computers. but since i can use the controller outside of the emulator im thinking it maybe the emulators problem. but im not 100 percent
  12. Hello people and thanks in advance if you can help me. So i got a znes emulator to play old school games on my laptop. Using the keyboard was not my thing so i decided to look into getting a gamepad. While on break the other day i decided to go check out goodwill. I picked up a saitek p750 gamepad. installed the drivers from the saitek website. and went into the config part of zsnes and when i began to assign keys my emulator froze and the only way to get out was ctrl+alt+delete. I installed joytokey and that made the controller work outside of the emulator. but much to my dismay im not smart enough to solve the gaming issue on my own. PLEASE HELP! sorry for the length of this post. Thank you for any input.
  13. yeah i get it in my box at my comic shop its good. but i liiked it better when it was a cycle of writers instead of dan slott. he tries to be too funny
  14. need to boost for all of these gt sixgun91 cheers!
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