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  1. I've tried this twice from restarting the story on my level 50. This achievement is glitched. Get all the other achievements then delete your save or create a new save on a USB memory stick. Combine all the items needed and this will unlock. I never leveled up from lv.40 and did this without too much trouble. Follow the video in the achievement guide and remember you have a limited inventory. Make two items at a time to drop them to clear out space for new items. I kept the Assault AR all the time and swapped it for another gun when I ran out of ammo.
  2. This worked great. Keep rolling all the way up to the part where you're supposed to get out of the car and go up the narrow mountain pass. Once you're in the end of area 2 where you get ambushed, stay on the bridge and through grenades at the tank and shoot the guys on the left. Once you start area 3 keep rolling until you get to the whale. Do the boss normally and make sure you stay away from the car. Roll to get out of the way when boss shoots rockets and watch out for the red suicide guys.
  3. This worked great. As long as you keep betting until you run out of money to get a big win it's super easy. I have 200g and I'm much happier now
  4. Great video guide, it really helped out. I'm 200g richer now.
  5. Buy more food and drinks and get started on the next gaming session. Why would you want to do anything else?
  6. C dot Wizzle, your description added to the video really help. I got the achievement after a practice run where I got to the bulls the first time and died. Jumping over the jump-pad wall again is vital to getting this.
  7. Just got the game and got 200g on the original. I need a partner
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