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    yeah.... sure. I'm getting this. But it's too close to MGS. If there's time after that & before Halo 5, then sure... This looks really fun.
  2. I actually liked the game. It had the best 3rd person shooting I've experienced in a while. I'm looking at you GTA.... Although GTA is a much better game. The shooting in Watch_Dogs was brilliant. Shame I love stealth lol
  3. Hope it's on sale soon. Bought a lot of games recently,can't justify spending on this one, yet...
  4. So did you ever find it again? lol. Hope you're not still homeless. Here's a penny
  5. It's good. Not great, or average. But a good solid game. Story was interesting, but for spoiler reasons, I can't say why I didn't love the story as much as I initially hoped.
  6. Price & length aside, this was a disappointing game. A very very good & interesting idea for a game, but it just didn't grab me like I hoped :/
  7. Yep, so many people forget these small details.
  8. Haven't played this since May. It's gonna be like playing a new game again, with all the fixes/ updates:)
  9. Only concern I have is that the weapons are all fully automatic. Think about it. The blasters in the Original Trilogy ( & the prequels, too. For the most part) were all semi auto. Now, considering DICE & EA are all talking about authenticity & making Star Wars Star Wars, instead of just trying to be like it. It doesn't make any sense for them to use fully auto rifles. Otherwise, I think this'll be fantastic!
  10. I really hope we see a new Ace Combat, soon. & please please go back to Strangereal. I thought I'd prefer the real world, but I guess you don't know what you've got til' it's gone.
  11. Cool, thanks! I'll watch these later
  12. There's enough time in between for both. The Problem is Halo 5, Fallout 4 then Battlefront... WHAT AM I GOING TO DO!?
  13. No Marty O'Donnell. I'm out! lol
  14. Yes. After TMCC, I doubt they'd give us a date if they weren't' sure. Besides, the big big games like this don't usually change dates so close to release.
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