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  1. I used the 20k zombie packs, none of the Garden Ops consumables and I often get x7 and x10 skip challenge stickers.
  2. It takes quite a while but its all dependent on how focused you are, if you play matches and only focus on the challenges it goes a lot faster.
  3. I'm one of 'em! Can't wait to rock my unicorn chomper! Whats really cool is they're leaving the offer open for an entire year after GW2 launches so if anyone REALLY wants it, they can go back and grind out levels in GW1. Any over developer would have made the cutoff date the same as launch day. Even at that though there won't be many of us online.
  4. http://answers.ea.com/ea/attachments/ea/pvz-garden-warfare-2-beta-en/1541/1/image.jpeg
  5. No worries, everyone has their own tastes. Personally these games are some of the most fun I have ever played, Its so nice to have a shooter to relax and play without wanting to pull your hair out.
  6. I'm trying to finish up the first one before it launches. >__<
  7. I have no doubt he'll be sold again, and again and again. Probably annually or something or during special events.
  8. Four days of open beta access next week, get it while you can!
  9. They're selling him like this because they're trying to keep him semi-exclusive. He was a super rare skin for people who supported the game on day one and bought the limited edition Xbox gold cards and people who had him for the entire time are held in a higher regard I guess. They sold Shago with some KI gold during the community fund thing for a limited time and so they're doing it again now. They don't want him to be everywhere, I guess they think it'd be a big middle finger to everyone who already has him so they're selling him in a limited release with some KI gold to ensure he's not as common as the rest of the cast.
  10. Shadow Jago has been release twice already, about to for a third time. I'm sure that he'll always be available, just with large gaps between availability.
  11. The new patch fixed "Rivaled" for me, just had to load up story mode.
  12. There's a whole new season, we're going to be playing this for a long time to come!
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