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  1. hmm...im not seeing it achievement enables on the WP yet?
  2. ive given up on the angry birds this and that...i can't play tetris blitz anymore...it says i need a 1gb phone and mines only 512mb...but it worked fine previously. so now...grinding lines and ridiculous marathon. Also playing through tiny troopers 2
  3. worked in Canada..thanks! I don't think I have any intentions of playing it...but free is free!
  4. Impressive! Although I'm sure you have it, I don't see the blue (non metallic/chrome) controller? (or it could just be the colours are off or in the back row that I don't see clearly) http://i12.photobucket.com/albums/a234/xboxscenephotos/xbox-360-controller-blue-new.jpg
  5. Anyone familiar with this phone? Not looking for the best on the market, just someting pretty decent to replace my crap HTC 8s http://www.bluproducts.com/index.php/win-hd-lte the reviews seem ok with it...but always nice to get an actual opinion from a regular user.
  6. I've got the Windows Insider App on my phone and just got a notification that a WP10 test build is available to download for my HTC 8S (just wanted to update people to in case anyone else has this piece of crap phone )
  7. nice! ive got my free update ready anytime now..just havent pulled the trigger and macros dont run on win 7...so yay...angry birds space and angry birds star wars here i come (and make it rain)
  8. Anybody tried running macros on win 10 systems?
  9. can you earn achievements for these delisted games? (example...I have 1 achievement left in Angry Bird WP7)
  10. happy to help...if I had more time this morning I'd help out with the pics for the other categories...but daddy duty calls...time to get the children out lol
  11. I have finally completed the game: http://www.trueachievements.com/What-in-the-World/achievements.htm?gamerid=39230 took me 3 run throughs. Run through number 1 left me with: - Level Beater 4 - Celebrity Guru - Brands Guru - Audiovisual Guru - Geographic Guru - Guru Master - Characters Guru - Unpuzzable (although this one could be because I didn't actually use 50) run through #2 I unlocked everything else but the Geogrpahic Guru. Which I unlocked on run #3. Seems the game will not unlock 2 achievements at the same time which is why I needed to complete the 3rd run. Here is my advise: -do not play in English, it crashes way more than in any other language. When I played my 2nd run, I did it all in French and had 2 crashes compared to who knows how many in English on my first run - Answer no more than 15 questions in a row, exit the game and relaunch and continue so that it has less chance of crashing and you can keep your 2 "hints" and add them up towards the 50 needed. - for the 50 hints used, I suggest doing it all at once. Gather up as many hints as you can (use facebook connect if you have facebook for +5 and use the ingame option to install tiny troopers for +20 and then the ingame option to install make it rain for another +20. Once you have fifity, just use them all. I used about 10, then exited the game and reloaded so it didnt have a chance to crash
  12. if you go to the settings and change the language to french (in game), it does NOT require the . in the name and unlocks. You can go right ahead and change it back to english afterwards.
  13. If you change the language to French...you can type in DR MANHATTAN as it does not require the period like the English version does. You can change right back to English after solving this one. On a side note...I've completed the game...55/55 in all 5 levels and the following achievements did not pop: - Level Beater 4 - Celebrity Guru - Brands Guru - Audiovisual Guru - Geographic Guru - Guru Master - Characters Guru - Unpuzzable (although this one could be because I didn't actually use 50) according to a few posts on trueachivements...game developer is aware of the issues and are working on a fix
  14. seems it's US only...unless someone has found a Canadian link? I can't seem to find one
  15. have the update it so that this can work on Win 7 computers? or does it still only work on computers with win 8?
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