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  1. Its Neji dude, he has been pretty much my favourite character since the original series. The panel before, where hinata looked like she was about to die, i thought the same as you.
  2. Oh shit... thats it... im done.seriously. no more naruto for me
  3. hahahahaha, i get it. Because kids commit suicide. Hilarious.
  4. I dont think it would get taken away, he would probably be killed before they could. If anything then i would say they attempt to take it, but rather than letting them have it he kills himself first. So that they cannot destroy soul society with it.
  5. Well, that was unexpected. Normally people just keep getting stronger and its a close fight. That was no where near close. So who is the leader in the shadows? do you guys think we have seen him already? or is this a new character waiting to be revealed?
  6. Looks like we will be seeing how rin died next chapter. I really like how silly and full of humor zetsu and the other clone are >_>
  7. does anyone even know how Rin died? ive looked and it just says that she died.
  8. So, this 14 year old wants to run away and have a baby with his girlfriend, parents ground him, and then he hangs himself. They blame call of duty? Im sorry but, what the hell. How does hanging yourself even tie in with call of duty?
  9. After seeing 599 how could no one see Rin's death contributing to him being bad? The guy was obsessed with her and then hearing of her death probably gave him hatred towards kakashi, much like sasuke's hatred towards the leaf. Ofcourse, this wont be the only reason he is doing what he is doing, there will be other reasons. I think Madara found Obito, or had been watching him and saved him from the crushed rock. After years of training and seeing the truth Obito decided to help Madara take out the leaf, but also has his own revenge in mind. I have no idea how Madara died, maybe he let Obito kill him? Or someone else did?
  10. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2n6k2Uyv71qi98lko1_250.gif
  11. The next chapter will be Madara fighting the hokages. I'd put money on it
  12. Well, WarZ is going into Beta soon. Not made by the same people but its pretty much the same idea. http://www.thewarz.com/media.html
  13. http://img.mangastream.com/m/53/22539506/84cffe68b99e442523e2895ed1be3cdf.png that is all
  14. i have had two skullcandy headphones, both have broke within a month. Never again.
  15. WHAT!!?! i must search for info about this. also, Bury Tomorrow's ablum "The Union Of Crowns" [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMjo06YeaR8]Bury Tomorrow - "Lionheart" Official Music Video - YouTube[/ame]
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