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  1. The beta is downloadable. Just star up Splinter Cell Conviction , go the main menu press X to access the Xbox Live market place then start download the beta. But you cant play until April 19....
  2. Looking for some people to play with to try and get good squad together , . Just trying to have someone to play with while I get rank 45 .
  3. Like a boss achievements and other online achievemets
  4. I need destroy enemy vehicle with repair tool
  5. I am here to do all co-op mission on hard , and get a few online ribbon with a partner
  6. Looking to get the achievements where you have to use the same character on the team
  7. I only need the last 7 levels of survival missions , send me a message if you want to do them as well
  8. Looking to do all spec ops missions and survival achievements
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