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  1. Looking for co-op partner on hard difficulty, up for other co-op related achievements as well. Preferred time would be this coming Saturday evening GMT. Message on xbox live if interested! Edit: Available this evening also now, again message on xbl if interested.
  2. Since I work for Sainsburys I thought I would try and answer the OP, even though the alcohol laws in Scotland are slightly different I believe. They use this policy called "think 25" when people try to buy alcohol, basically if you don't look over 25 they will ask for ID from the buyer and whoever is with them. Obviously if you can't all prove your age, you can't buy it. It is taken pretty seriously, because if the person serving at the till is found to be selling drink to under age people they basically lose their job, and if unlucky get a few thousand pounds fine from the police. The store also potentially loses the licence to sell alcohol, so they are just better being safe than sorry, inconvenient as it is for the customer. As for you going back 2-3 hours later by yourself and not getting sold, that's just unlucky in my opinion. Someone just must have recognised you and told a manager. Again its better safe than sorry from their point of view. Parents not getting sold alcohol with children I haven't heard of, and is probably not true, unless it's blatantly obvious the alcohol is for someone under age. The person at the till just uses their judgement, and if in doubt won't sell it. So basically yeah it sucks, but the policy is used for a good reason.
  3. They thought there was, but after it landed they couldn't find anyone in it.
  4. That's really bizarre. Hopefully the kid is ok when it lands, that link is showing live footage and it isn't exactly slow moving. Edit: It just landed pretty softly in a field thankfully.
  5. That's probably a good idea. From what I understand though even if it is the edited version that is released, valve can still put out an update to put all the removed aspects of the game back in after launch, because there is no classification for DLC/updates in Australia.
  6. Cheers for the Radiohead guidance, ill let you know how I get on!

  7. http://www.destructoid.com/left-4-dead-2-confirmed-for-australia-heavily-edited-151309.phtml This just got posted on Destructoid an hour ago, so I am assuming it is up to date. Editing seems to have been a pretty hefty according to the quote in the article.
  8. He was a Christian before he went on the beagle for his voyage around the world, so I can only assume that is why. He had a state funeral as well.
  9. Got mine this morning, didnt even realise they were giving these out. Was an unexpected surprise!
  10. I managed to do legendary on my own in just under 4 hours, wasn't all that hard give or take a few sections. Never had any of the problems the OP was on about.
  11. That's genuinely hilarious lol. Some of the mods made for that game are great, makes me wish I had a decent PC for gaming. Nice find.
  12. http://www.destructoid.com/left-4-dead-crash-course-dlc-coming-september-29-149580.phtml Crash course is out on the 29th of this month. Along with the new achievements and HUD changes I believe.
  13. Im pretty sure everything expect the audio files tracker get reset when a new campaign is started.
  14. Nice find with the map, will be useful getting the audio files in co-op later on.
  15. Edinburger reporting in! Welcome to the site. There are a few Edinburgh people lurking around here, a fair amount of Scots as well.
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