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  1. I see, still I dont even think saying homo is offensive, but if the guy was attacking other members, maybe.
  2. I mean, I dont disagree with what you guys are saying, But people who actually think the term butt buddy is offensive need thicker skin or they wit survive in the real world. And mods should have the common sense to realize that butt buddy is not the same as telling someone to go kill themselves.
  3. Seriously? Deleting comments and locking threads because of phrases like "butt buddy"? Mods need to lay off the SJW koolaid. As you can tell, I use to be very active on this site. And now I return here for some help on Black Ops III, and the first thing I see is deleted comments and other shit because its "offensive"? Leave the SJW crusading on reddit please.
  4. No problem, dude ;)

  5. Thanks for the link to the post about the Witcher DLC!

  6. I'm actually very surprised by the amount of people it seems don't do this.
  7. I did find one for Solas and Cassandra, but i used them both already! Had to have found them somewhere the Hinterlands or Storm Coast. Found them both before finishing The Threat Remains.
  8. Same here. I sat there and shot 100 bullets into the guy just to make sure he was dead. . . No Achievement. In fact, None of the Achievements for me are technically "popping". No notification is what I mean, but all have actually unlocked so far except this sleeping beauty. This is the first Xbox One game I've had this issue on.
  9. Thats why you should always signal before doing a uturn on a busy interstate? lol.
  10. If they turn out to be true, I wonder how Halsey escapes from Jul 'Mdama?
  11. Do you want a serious answer to this? This guy looks whimpy - not only whimpy, but HE looks very feminine because its no longer socially acceptable to men to look tough. In fact, the traditional idea of a "manly man"(think lumberjack, or war hero) is now becoming quite offensive in our culture thanks to cultural Marxism and political correctness. Tl;dr He looks whimpy and feminine because feminism. I'm not certain if it is or is not Sanghelios, but why could something like that not be buried there? We already know there are very many Forerunner artifacts and structures on Sanghelios, as this is what led to Forerunner worship by the Sangheili. Also, the concept art we got a couple weeks ago certainly looks to be Sanghelios. Two suns(Sanghelios has 3), a statue that looks very much like a Sangheili, and structures that look sort of covenant-y, yet also sort of ancient along with the tribal flags/banners on them. Obviously this doesn't mean it is Sanghelios, but it at least looks like it might be. Absolutely. My official guess(like I said, I was half joking saying it was Cortana. Lol) is that this new character is an assassin of sorts sent by ONI to hunt John down Think Captain America and the winter Soldier. Without the childhood link(or maybe with it?). There are already theories about how the chief has possible gone awol or something. But, is Osman(now in charge of ONI) really that heartless and cold already? After all, Osman and John were in the Spartan II training program together, and she has shown signs of admiration and caring towards John in the Kilo Five trilogy.
  12. Well, all we know is that she unlocked his "full potential". Whatever she did, he is truly Super Human, or Meta Human if you will. His DNA is probably different than normal human DNA now, altered somewhat by the librarian. I also feel like at the end of the game, John was taller. Remember when he first met Palmer? She said "I thought he'd be taller". They are close to the same height at this moment. Then he meets the librarian, and she does whatever she does. The next time Palmer sees John, at the end of the game when he's walking through the armor bay and he is clearly much taller than Palmer at this point. This could have simply been a cinematic effect, angle, etc. . . But I took at as trying to portray that whatever the librarian did Changed John in many ways. By unlocking to full potential of the human race within him, as this was what the Spartan program was really trying to do in the first place. This could be anything from physical l potential(bone and muscular growth), to mental potential, maybe John now uses more than 10% of his brain like regular humans.
  13. That would be me, lol! Someone said they hope its not Cortana in the new armor or something like that. . . And I responded only half seriously saying it could happen. Let me explain why it is technically possible. We know Cortana isn't really dead, right? Right, we also know the Forerunners have the technology to create a Synthetic life form from an artificial intelligence: the Composer, the Prometheans and the Monitors. Yes a composer was destroyed at the end of Halo 4, we don't know for a fact it was the only one in existence though. Cortana also most likely resides somewhere within what's left of the domain, so she would theoretically have access to this knowledge and technology. So while I highly doubt it is Cortana in the Suit, it technically is possible. Also I agree, new armor of the top figure does look very much like the Mark VII that Naomi wears. Also, Frank O'Connor said "who's the new guy" then someone asked if it was confirmed that it was actually a guy. No answer was given, and we know how they like to play word games with us so I wouldn't necessarily consider it confirmed that this new character is a guy. Or even a new character at all.
  14. Yeah thats my main dilemma. Do I keep this one and deal with it, or risk getting a refurbished Xbox that someone dropped in a bathtub or something.
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