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  1. Per the article below the devs have drastically reduced the XP required for leveling up. I personally jumped from R18 to R32 upon logging in, unlocking the individual re-up achievements and my Seriously 5.0 immediately. Cheers everyone! https://www.gears5.com/re-up-changes-coming-feb-9
  2. In case anyone isn't already aware, The Coalition is providing an update regarding achievements sometime this week. Their initial comment wasn't specific enough to confirm whether it's adjusting requirements, allowing some way to unlock after the server shuts down or both. https://www.gears5.com/this-week-in-gears-feb-2 I'm sure it'll result in a news article on the site so be sure to keep an eye out!
  3. I had that thought as well at the default brightness but set it a smidge lighter and that worked for me. Full disclosure I'm not very far yet though, are you playing at the default brightness or a different setting?
  4. Good afternoon,


    Would you please pm me?  I have a question that's better suited for private chat but I'm unable to directly message you.

  5. GT: some Irish guys Game: Cyberpunk 2077 Waited til today to post so my request is technically for a game that's released!
  6. This is one of my annual movies! Not on a schedule but rather as I realize it's been a while & I'd enjoy watching it again. My most recent: Mile 22 Rating: 3/5 It's an ok action flick, more so if you're a fan of Mark Wahlberg. Nothing to write home about but still enjoyable.
  7. I suggest tackling Veteran difficulty right off the bat. I don't consider myself a particularly great COD player but this was hands down the easiest "Veteran" play through I've seen in the series. I tackled the side missions & all but one optional achievement (Scorched Earth II) during my run without any stress. There were a couple of points that took a few attempts but nothing caused any real frustration. My story based perks were additional damage & additional ammo but I've heard similar from others that chose different bonuses. If you plan to snag the story achievements in this game, just play Veteran from the start & save yourself from an unnecessary second run through (unless you really like the story, it's not half bad).
  8. Oh wow, I threw my hat in the ring but I never expected to win. I'm beyond excited! @Floyd.I've been reading that's the case so I'll be cautiously testing the waters with the hope that they address some issues before I delve too far in. After all, it's tradition that I have to unlock all of the achievements since I won it, right? As a sidenote, I returned to the site after taking some extended breaks and I'm loving the changes so far!
  9. GT: some Irish guys Game Choice: Assassin's Creed: Valhalla
  10. My initial reaction was negative until I actually began playing the game. The challenge was nice but not overwhelmingly absurd, and I actually think the lack of map pushes for a little more awareness of where you are in a positive way. Thumbs up from me for sure.
  11. I genuinely think you won't find this as hard as you're worried about. The combat is definitely still the fun hack 'n slash I remembered, but the toughest part for me was the distance between some checkpoints. I've just finished the story on Normal and there were a few times where death led to repeating a 15 minute jaunt with a couple of challenging foes, but in general my frustration level was nowhere near that of Dark Souls. Don't write this one off because of the constant "Dark Souls" comparisons, there's only a handful of things that changed in that direction.
  12. Well I received a disheartening response. They basically said that they were able to port the journal achievement progress, but since the Xbox achievements are on a separate console they couldn't have them automatically unlock so earning them again on another character is what we must do. I replied to that with the fact that my in-game time (according to Xbox when I compare with my friends) is 125 hours, so that was clearly ported, and I was curious how bridged the gap but not the achievements. I'll post if they give me anything useful in their response.
  13. I believe the achievements are tied to their matching in-game Journal achievements. The criteria for Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant are earning each zone's questing achievements. In the in-game journal, they're broken down as: Hero of the Daggerfall Covenant: - Glenumbra Adventurer - Stormhaven Adventurer - Rivenspire Adventurer - Alik'r Desert Adventurer - Bangkorai Adventurer Each of these achievements are all based on completing a number of quests in each area (e.g. Complete 53 quests in Alik'r Desert). It doesn't require making certain decisions or completing missable tasks, it just requires you to complete all (or almost all) possible sidequests in each area. On a side note, for anyone completing these achievements, or anything similar (like killing all dungeon bosses in an alliance) keep an eye on the in-game journal for the achievements. They have lists of bosses by names, how many quests in an area you've done, which skyshards you've picked up (with hints on the missed ones), etc. It's extremely helpful!
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