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  1. Just started playing this again and im really loving it. have nearly all the tables and plan on getting the rest. feel free to add me. GT Tomahog UK
  2. im gonna grab this game later i think.maybe the price change will boost the online for abit.
  3. Thank you for your reply. Think i will save my msp.
  4. I picked up a used copy of the game and the online pass code has already been used. The games been out a while now and i was wondering if there were many playing online and what the online is genenerly like.
  5. does this game have global leaderboards like in the previous dance centrals? Because i cant seem to find them.
  6. sick of all this marvel shit! there over doing the marvel tables.
  7. I.m.o they have completly ruined the leaderboards by basing your position on your score per minute. I can have someone whos only played 1 game above me when iv played 50. Complete bullshit!,I like to be able to catch my friends up on the leaderboards,its what keeps me playing on. So fuckin mad its something so small but its putting me off the multiplayer.
  8. Would be good if it kept a record of how many medals youve won and had a leaderboard for each one. Mw3 did a similer thing.
  9. With all the millions there earning you would have thought they could get this right.
  10. All the stats on the multiplayer leaderboards are all messed up.I was playing yesterday,turned on today and id been wiped from all leaderboards. Anyone else getting this? I can remember the original black ops having the same problems. Hope they sort it out quickly.
  11. I gave up to easily on vet on the original black ops and world at war and didnt attempt to do cod3 on vet,but i managed to veteran cod2,mw,mw2 and mw3. Hardest for me that i completed was cod2 and the easiest was proberbly mw3. So anyone that as done this where does it compare? I havnt started the campain yet but was wondering if im in for a tough time.
  12. Im injoying the game but there seems to be problems with the leaderboards.
  13. I didnt know that thanks.
  14. iv played all the way up to the final boss and then backtracked to finish everything off,so i have all special abilitys.i still need 5 firends. I know where the cages are just not enough keys. iv done all quests apart from the sheep one.and iv explored everyware. Iv opened every treasure box iv found,im wondering if iv wasted to many keys,but surly theres enough keys in the game to open every treasure box and cage?
  15. im trying to find all the friend cages but i dont have any keys.i cant find any and the shops aint selling any. any tips?
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