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  1. Good guide, though I prefer to use the first section of Opium Farm mission for grinding most of the challenges, you can get 24 in each section if they send in reinforcements. It's a small area with plenty of cover, plus you can stay in the area where you start out in the first section (by the truck) and take them out as they approach. It also makes a good fall back position if you get overwhelmed because they can't get back to you. (They can't go past the line of boulders at the back of the truck.) While I wont cover them all, I had a few issues with some and ideas on others and thought I'd post a few notes on them. In no particular order: Loud Head shot streak: This one frustrated me for a couple hours until I realized that if you use too powerful a weapon, one that will kill a helmeted enemy with one shot, they wont count. You have to use a low powered weapon so the helmet pops first, then take the head shot. I found the PP2000 or the AK-47 work best, remove any improvements that make it more powerful and use the standard issue ammo. The PP2000 works good for other challenges like human shield and riot suppression because you can shoot it with one hand. Just make sure it's equipped first or it will default to your pistol. Explosive Execute: You have be in combat (where you've been noticed and they send in reinforcements) Then you need to kill two, not one as the description reads. I used Opium Fields, there are two barrels up near a tunnel, mark the one near the top of the steps, get spotted and take cover, when they head for you just wait till two are next to it. Riot Suppression: Pretty simple to understand but a quick way to do is on the first section of Opium Fields, go up through the tunnel, and sneak your way around the outer edge of the map till you get near the back, (you may need to take out 2-3 along the way) there's a guy with one there that's easy to sneak up on. Get the shield and make your way back into the corner where you go to the next section and they'll all come to you. you can get it in two tries like this. Human shield kill streak: Same method as above, just use the guy instead of his shield. Once you have him, get on top of the building he was standing in front of, they can't hit you very well up here. Toss a couple proxy mines on the stairs as you go up and remember explosives count so stock up on everything you can carry and just lob them down onto people. This same method is a quick way to get Hostage Taker as well. Anti-Security EMP: Good place to grind this out is Hackers Den, there are 4 power boxes for laser grids and 4 cameras. Breaching Charge Kill Streak: The Safehouse door mentioned above works, but it's tricky. Open the door and toss a sticky cam in the upper right corner of the first room. Go out and close the door. Flash detonate the sticky cam and immediately switch to the breach charge, place it on the door, turn on sonar vision. You have to be quick with all this, there should be one guy already at the door, sometimes he'll bash through, these times don't work, when you see the other two guys start to run for the door hit the detonate button. I found of it. Ultimate Sticky Shocker: The method described above doesn't work for me, proxy shockers don't count when I use them. On the abandoned mill level, towards the end you will be in an underground sewer, the only enemy down there are 3 dogs. Jump to the pipe above and attract them over with the back button, when they're standing together fire a shocker into the water next to them. This is a good time to grind out sleeping dogs as well, the checkpoint is right there in the sewer. Hand 2 hand combat kills: For them to count they have to be aware of your current presence, or your recent silhouette. If they lose site of you and you sneak up on them while they're searching, it wont count.
  2. I still don't think the kenect will ever be anything more than a gimmick. Voice commands and hand gestures are to cumbersome compared to having everything right at your fingertips. I have no use in sitting there shouting out orders to my Xbox as I play games and as far as a game responding to your environment, I'm pretty certain that will get old when it starts doing things based on other people in the room speaking or making noise. What happens when your kids are running around the room while you're playing? Is the game going to misinterpret that as input from you? How about the inevitable smart ass little brother or college roommate who sticks his head in and shouts out a command while you're playing? As for movement based games, anything beyond exercise and fitness games will never take off as anything more than a novelty either. I remember thinking when Forza debuted their motion controlled options for Kinect how utterly dumb that was going to be. Who is going to sit there holding their hand out into thin air turning a pretend steering wheel? How long could you actually do that before your arms felt like bricks anyway? I'm sure some people will like it and use it, but overall I don't see gamers seeing it as anything more than a gimmick to play around with and then shut off when they're ready to get down to some serious gameplay.
  3. Why should everyone else have to suffer because you're to cheap or broke to buy a new TV? Technology changes, it's the natural order of things. Why should they develop a console with outputs nobody uses anymore? You want the next gen console but you don't want to upgrade your other equipment as well, that's simply ridiculous.
  4. I've never bought a single game at Game Stop. They're over priced on new games and their markup on used games is absolutely ridiculous. You can get much better deals on Amazon.
  5. Retired military, 20 years (1984 - 2004) in the USAF as an aircraft machinist/welder.
  6. No more than playing on a 50" HDTV gives you an advantage over someone who plays on an old 19" CRT TV. You're comparing apples and oranges. There's a huge difference between hearing the sound reproduced in high quality and having a controller that automatically executes actions for you. All you're doing is self validating your use of modded controllers with a straw man argument.
  7. It doesn't make you lazy, just realistic. Optical media is on it's way out and having to put a disk in every time you want to play a game is ridiculous in his day and age. Anyone who plays PC games and uses Steam knows how convenient it is to simply click on a game and play without having do insert a disk. I'd be interested in seeing how many of these people who insist on having a physical disk for their Xbox games have torrented movies and music on their PC’s. The real concern for most of these people is that eliminating the disk also eliminates the used/rental game market.
  8. None, I used to buy Nintendo, starting with the NES up to and including the Game Cube. I decided to switch to the original Xbox because it was the better system at the time and I've stuck with it since.
  9. The reason you see that type of statement posted here is because the typical person who frequents game forums tend to be hard core gamers who also tend to be more tech savvy than the average consumer. Why use a console to watch movies, listen to music and surf the web when a PC is more suited to these things? However the average consumer of gaming consoles are not hard core gamers nor are they necessarily tech savvy, they’re average families with limited budgets who simply want a device that suits all their entertainment needs. Believe it or not, Xbox, Sony and Nintendo don’t make gaming consoles for us hardcore gamers, they already have our sale in the bag so to speak. Personally I don’t use my Xbox for anything but gaming but I also don’t care if those features are there either, I simply ignore them.
  10. I used to do male, but when I played Fallout 3 I tried a female because of the perk to do 10% more damage to the opposite sex, seeing as most enemy are male in that and New Vegas I stuck with that and have pretty much stuck with female since then. I tend to play RPG's for 200+ hours or more and like others have said, if I have to look at a character for that long I'd rather it be a woman.
  11. This poll was conducted by The Consumerist, a website devoted to incessant whiners of the most trivial things you could imagine. Ever wonder why The Consumerist turned off their user comments? Because 90% of them were pointing out how ridiculously petty the aggrieved party was and in turn how stupid The Consumerist was for publishing their complaints. EA is not a monopoly, nobody is forcing you to buy their products. The fact that EA was voted #1 two years in a row goes to show how utterly stupid the people voting are. I’d be willing to bet that most of the people who voted in that poll never even bought an EA game in the past year.
  12. I know it may seem that way on sites like this one because the majority of the people who hang out on achievement sites are there for that reason. However in the grand scheme of the gaming world, achievements and completion percentages are of little concern among the majority of gamers. I think you'll find most buy DLC because they want the additional content. In my circle of gaming friends I'm the only one who regularly goes out of their way to get achievements and as time goes on I'm getting less and less inclined to waste time on them. Instead of spending hours of my time trying to get 20 or 30 points doing something I'm not enjoying I'd rather start a new game that I'll enjoy playing.
  13. This pretty much sums it up, I really don't understand why people make such a big deal out of it. It's like buying a car, some people buy a car and love it the way it is, others like to buy aftermarket parts like custom wheels/tires and so forth. The car works perfectly fine the way it came from the factory, but if you want a little something extra then you can spend your money as you wish. Now if they come out with a game that you can't finish without paying extra, then you'll have something to gripe about, otherwise I think people complaining about micro-transactions should put down their controller and go experience some real world problems.
  14. What was pointless about Oblivion's DLC? Do you mean because they didn't have any achievements? I loved the various housing options you could buy, best part of the game if you ask me.
  15. Can't stand it! First thing I do when I buy a new controller is to remove them, it's surprising how much lighter they are without those two motors in there.
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