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  1. Be on the lookout as well for icons hiding beneath other icons, I was missing one City Hotspot and was stuck at 99/100 until I stumbled onto it by accident at the library on the western island, it was hidden beneath a dark blue game icon.
  2. Basically it is the same winning engine that is used in GTA, LA Noire, Sleeping Dogs to name a few, it is exactly what you would expect from this engine. A great game, not boring at all, just perhaps not your genre of game....
  3. This game is currently on Games with Gold and is free for Xbox Gold subscribers. Available: 01/05-31/05 - 2016 Just thought I would shout that out in case someone missed it!
  4. Yeah I have had this once of twice, but I have found it is just load on my router. We have an Xbox One in the living room, and we have two Xbox 360's upstairs, one in each of my sons rooms. So when everything is on, this becomes unplayable as you move the stick and the tanks goes nowhere for about 5 seconds then launches itself forwards, usually right into the sights of some opportunist enemy. Having said that though, I have had a few bad matches where it is either a host issue or whatever and it does randomly drop to a single red bar on the connection. Might sound like a dumb question but you are playing on the server region for your geographical location? European servers in Europe etc?
  5. I play whatever tanks are needed for the respective achievements, that denoted my preferred play style. Having said that I do enjoy the vanilla starting tank, the T-22 Proto. Lots of kills with that and it has been boosting me nicely towards the 500 kills achievement!
  6. Death from above is about crazy luck, I had one situation where I thought I had it covered and the tank just seemed to flop over the edge even at speed rather than launch and land. I think it will need a golden spot on some hillside and perfect positioning from the victim personally. I am sure there are some industrious gamers out there who have boosted it quite successfully however
  7. Well I paid an amazing price for this..... NOTHING..... god I love 'Games with Gold'
  8. Yeah the graphics look stylized and in keeping with the graphic novel feel. Very nicely done. I noticed a few lengthy pauses, only in the later chapters however for some reason.
  9. I think the are designed to be lost, you just have to face the fight and struggle to succeed only to be defeated, part of the story engagement for the player I think. I found that I was sometimes hitting instead of or vice-versa, doesn't seem to matter to be honest.
  10. I had a similar issue where the Doctor is patching up Wolf after a big fight, the game should trigger a cut-scene but it just hangs on a screen with Wolf covered in bandages and the Doctor stood there like a plank basically. All menu options were the same 'blank' option. I luckily got around this by quitting out to main menu then continuing. Only bug like that I encountered though in this great title!
  11. Nice guide, many thanks. Painless game anyway but nice to have an indicator as to where those Fable entries are
  12. Don't like the online achievements coming to Tropico, spoils gaming perfection for me
  13. Or like paying it in April 2016, the only problem it, i'm the only person in the world playing it I think so there are just tumbleweed blowing through the lobbies lol
  14. It is one of those games where you start playing in the morning, think as you turn to look at the clock, that it is around midday, and find it is actually about 4pm. Addictive, fun, and un-putdownable (yeah I know not a word but it fits )
  15. Nicely put together a great help, many thanks indeed my friend!!
  16. I have been a fan of Tropico for a long time and I have even dusted off the Xbox 360 in order to play this version of the game before the Xbox One version comes out in May, so yes I will be playing it twice quite happily. I was dismayed however when I saw the DLC price! £15.99 Each for Waterborne and Espionage respectively !? Forgive but isn't that quite a high-end price for a few extra construction items and a short campaign that lasts a few hours? The other DLC items which are not achievement related (thankfully) are £7.99 each which is high enough as it is. It is not a problem to afford them, it is justifying that price level. I paid £12.99 for the game, brand new, great price, and the DLC would cost £31.98. The cost, if I were to buy all the non achievement related £7.99 DLC's as well as the two main DLC's would be a whopping £55.95!: And that is just the DLC's Sorry but that is ridiculous. Anyone have any thoughts or insight as to why they are bending us over for mere Tropico DLC?
  17. Yeah I found this one of those tedious set pieces in the game, clearly designed to break the monotony but actually serves to add to it instead lol
  18. Nice guide, a very straight forward game but we need to make sure we make all the deductions, talk to Toby every case, and get those moral choices correct. This guide helps that splendidly Many thanks.
  19. I may plough a lonely furrow with this one but my one bitch is the game period, I really don't like it. Was really looking forward to this, hopped on the Beta, and have now uninstalled it totally, may have a glimpse at the retail release but DEFINITELY do not like it. Over hyped in my opinion, as unpopular as that may be, but I stand by that nonetheless.
  20. This game is awesome in all its debauched glory. Some of the lines are funny as hell, especially the romancing options. Gameplay is quite fun and all in all another great Saint's Row title. We may not have the purple dildo but the 'Penetrator' I think it is called, is awesome, ram it up someone's ass and fire them into the sky lol, cried with laughter when I first saw that. Yeah it is juvenile and silly but it is just a dam good gaming experience!
  21. Updated the guide now to include a confirmation of this problem from Bethesda as it appears in the BETA PATCH NOTES currently on Steam only. Confirmation: In “The End of the Line,” fixed an issue that would prevent the player from killing the leaders of the Railroad. Source: http://www.xboxoneuk.com/xbox-one/news/fallout-4-update-coming-soon/ So to clarify the bug does exist even if everyone hasn't experienced it thankfully....
  22. When do we see these rewards? I am assuming it is in the server reset today?
  23. Very impressive. Not to take anything away from the amazing run he had on there, but the self-resurrection Sunsinger ability made that possible. Of course the guy knows that raid inside and out and is very well equipped as can be seen from the video and even the confident little dance so far through. As I said, he definitely had some help there, but a very impressive feat nonetheless!
  24. Graivul

    E3 Trailer

    Looks fantastic, and after watching the interview just now on the news section, I really hope it has its own fully fledged campaign and it isn't just a single player version of the multiplayer maps where you fight against 'Bots'. I think this game could be huge, but if they deceive us by not giving us a dedicated solo experience, it may turn people off, me included I have to say!
  25. No problem, seems it is only a sporadic bug as I said above, but to those of us who are affected by it, yeah it is scary to think we need to do all that again! lol. Glad it helped
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