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  1. I bought it for the x1 as well. Shows all my previous history once logging into uplay. Shows it on acinitates and also in the in game multiplayer menu. Well It doesn't show AC1 for some reason, but every other game it does.
  2. Thanks for all the info guys. Even though it doesn't say how the discount will work it might just look in the purchase history for the pass. Who knows! I will purchase the pass on 360 though for the XBOX ONE version and hope I still get the Liberations discount in the future! Thanks again!
  3. Jordan, Did you find anything out about this? I didn't purchase the Season Pass at all yet since I am not sure how the upgrade even works. Do I need AC IV on 360 for uplay to recognize it to unlock on my X1, or is it tied to your Xbox account? So many questions, no answers...
  4. No one can watch it, what I mean is the songs are not downloaded as far as I can tell, it just streams them off their servers. I could be wrong though.
  5. Yes as stated in the guide, a Karaoke Pass is real time, doesnt matter if you are playing or not. Also the unlocks are not at set levels as far as I can tell, they seem to be different for everyone.
  6. Disco Ball

    karaoke Pass?

    100 song history about 3ish minutes per song = 300 minutes / 60 = 5 hours give or take if you are able to hit the level 50 cap in that time though, I do not know.
  7. Thanks for the info Thomas001122, I will add it to the guide, hopefully someone else can confirm it.
  8. Hmm I got the keyboard around level 20 I think. I am only level 25 now, and I do already have it, and I believe the back up singer came after they keyboard. Is the keyboard player on stage for you? Obviouslly you can only unlock these things if you have enough Moola, where the level up is via the XP. So you could level up a lot faster, then getting the Moola to unlock things.
  9. Got catch, ya it is actually one song, well that's how I got it, didn't even realize the type on the description. Will update that as well. Thanks for pointing it out!
  10. Then I would assume you are correct, it probably isn't working tdue to the face of not being out officially in your Country yet.
  11. The Play next song in que only comes up if there is another song in your que. I assume you made sure you had a song in your que?
  12. Thanks guys, updating with the confirmation!
  13. Probably would need to ask Microsoft this question. If you have twitter try their support account @XboxSupport
  14. I have updated the Achievement guide with a screenshot of how the smartglass app looks in game. I will also link it here for anyone looking for more info. http://i.imgur.com/dB8Wz.png If it doesn't look like that in the app, then you probably can't get it yet.
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