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  1. Hey No, I would actually say that not going for the 7 CSS is probably easier. It all depends if it's your first run through the game, if you know it by heart already or not. If you keep burning Ascetics, the difficulty is going to increase every time, and going to the boss solo (be super methodical and careful, no rushing) is going to become harder and harder, and the boss itself will take more and more punishment before dying. You'll have your new CSS to help you, but at a point the boss will be very, very strong, to the point where you will use all your spells and it won't be enough, and said boss will one-shot you (at least with its laser attack). The road to it will be a nightmare too, but you can summon Bashful Ray and whomever else before the boss as well. Just know that if you do that to get the NPC to act as a decoy, the boss will have even more HP. I wrote the guide writing the fastest way to become OP, but that doesn't mean it has to be followed to the letter. I also think I wrote it with in my mind the fact that it would be NG+ for most people, so they would have Ascetics. Finally, I think there is an Ascetic in the actual level, in Brightstone Cove, so every time your ascend the place, you'll get a new one. Which is why it's doable this early. If you have a co-op buddy to take you through those 7 fights, and you already have a lot of regular Soul Spears, do it. If you're by yourself, I would say do it a couple of times to get a few CSS, then come back to it if and when you feel like it and you're stronger. As for the Moonlight GS, I wouldn't make it. Make the spell instead. The MLGS has been nerfed so much that it's probably not worth the effort. Depends on what you're using now, and what you want, really.
  2. There are over 50 Ascetics per playthrough, I'm sure you can find what you need easily with the wiki I'm sorry I didn't say where to grab them but I can't possibly point out every item in the game Easiest sources (but you might have to wait until later) are 10 you can buy from Navlaan, and 10 you can buy from Grandahl. You can also farm them unlimitedly in the Chasm when you do Grandahl's trials. Depending on where you are now, you at least have 1 in Brightstone Cove, 1 in Iron Keep, 1 in Lost Bastille, 3 in Drangleic Castle, 1 in the Shrine of Amana, 1 in the Undead Crypt, 2 in Aldia's Keep, and 3 in the Dragon Shrine's entrance. Everything else is pretty much endgame.
  3. I would really like to understand what went wrong with my choices. My money is on Telltale screwing up choice branches as they sometimes do, or simply making some of them nonsensical. I started this last episode with the best possible relationship with Catwoman, figuring I would take her towards the comic Earth-2 path (wedding and daughter), or the most recent Rebirth path (proposal). I chose to ask Waller to release Catwoman twice, let Selina beat the shit out of me, protected her, then made the deal to exchange John for her release, Waller said yes, John was furious about it for an hour while I was trying to take him down, then the game finishes, everyone gets taken care of, but no Selina anywhere when the credits roll. Even though she was literally one of the most important characters, she gets nothing. And then I see in my choices that I "told Selina I loved her and yet made no deal to secure her release", and that she remained in Argus custody. WTF Telltale. The relationship with Selina was my favorite part of both seasons, and I know I missed some cool cutscene towards the end. I did everything I could. If those choices are imported into the next season, I'm gonna be so mad, and I am not replaying the entire episode, especially since there is no chapter select. Because even if I did replay it, I have no idea what I did wrong, if anything, so the result will surely be the same. I'm really sick of Telltale and their nonsensical ramifications and consequences. You're enemies with someone for an entire season and patch things up with one sentence at the end, you select the best possible option and yet they decided people would be mad at you anyway so there's in fact no choice, and more often than not their choices are just having you choose between AIDS and cancer. It's always about hurting one person or the next, betraying one person or the next, and I'm tired of it. I miss Tales of the Borderlands, Walking Dead season 2 and The Wolf Among Us. Not one thing Telltale has done since then has been great. They're just fucking coasting now, like most devs. EDIT: wow, I just saw on a Steam guide that all that is separating me from having a free Catwoman is selecting "You owe me" when talking with Waller in the ambulance. Completely absurd. How was I supposed to know those 3 little words were going to have her release Catwoman? I thought in true Telltale fashion, she would just have said "Don't push it, Batman" and "Your relationship with Waller just changed", once again, because Telltale. Don't reveal your secret identity to Tiffany, your relationship has changed, which means you should have, thanks for the choice. Tell Selina you're in love with her after a bloody battle, nothing changes. Ridiculous. But I wanted that extra Selina scene, after all she's been your love interest for 2 entire seasons, and make a clean save in case I can import in a future game, so I replayed the whole thing, secured her release with those 3 little words (You owe me, not I love you), and guess what? There's no scene at all. Your stats show that she's free and "on the prowl" (only 3% people got that), but tat's it. What a joke…
  4. Hi No, I'm afraid not. I can't even look at the game anymore, and since the last big balance patch, which I included, nothing has changed. There are no spells or anything of interest to a Sorcerer in the DLCs (which is weird, no love for casters this time around).
  5. Honestly, it depends on what TV you have, but to me, Resolution is the only choice. It's night and day. It takes all the aliasing away, the depth is insane, and it seems to have the same number of particles and elements than Graphics have. And I barely see the difference when I switch to Resolution anyway. It takes a ton of detail away (not in Astrea, but on the actual maps), and it barely improves anything. Resolution, hands down.
  6. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  7. Yeah, same here. I was supposed to play most of it with Bulletman uk but he seems to be off these days. I hope he's all right, he usually gets on every day, especially for games like these, but he hasn't been online in a week. Where are you atm? I'm off to hunting that T-rex back in the first area, Anjanath or something like that, but even though I'm literally wearing the best possible armor and weapon I can make for now from the first 2 areas, killing that last super fast lightning creature took me like 20 minutes. One tail swipe would take half of my health away. And I imagine that T-rex is gonna suck, I've fought him once by accident and he one-shot me. And I don't think I'm stronger. Not sure what's with this game and you doing from 1 to 4 points of DMG with each swipe. Fights take ages and aiming is horrible. I've tried a few different weapons but they all do fuck all damage lol
  8. Unbelievable Then again, Capcom is only a small independent developer.
  9. The title says it all. This feels like Dragon's Dogma HD all over again, where some of us had no servers for weeks. I haven't been able to join or find, for that matter, a single online session, or quest. I can create my own open session, but no one ever joins, and if I post a quest for 4 people, no one ever joins either, even if I wait for half an hour before launching. The quest board says there are no online quests posted by other people either. In other words, online doesn't work on Xbox for me. People are reporting that playing with friends does work after inviting them through game invite or party chat, but random online play doesn't seem to work on Xbox. I'm trying to figure out if it's a continental Europe issue, if it's just a few of us, or if i's for everyone. PlayStation users say everything is fine. Does any of you guys have similar issues, or more importantly, has anyone been able to play online with randoms?
  10. From what I've seen, the game saves after you finish a mission, and that's it. So if you go on an Exploration for 4 hours, and quit without saving manually, you lose everything. Same if you're in a 50 minutes hunt, all the things you've picked up on the floor, materials and such will only be counted when you finish the mission, whether you succeed or die, there is no checkpoint during missions. So every time you want to quit the game, go back to HQ or Camp, and make a manual save.
  11. Hey everyone Haven't been here in a while, life and illness got in the way. Just a quick word for those interested (I hope there are a few) that now that Welcome to the Ballroom season 1 is over, and since the source material has progressed quite a lot, the season 2 premiere has been set for April 5th 2018, so just 4 months to wait. I hope everyone is doing well. I wish you all a merry Christmas.
  12. Thanks No it's not hot at all, and it's not even that loud, you just really wonder what's going on, it's such a strange noise. AC is the first enhanced game I've played, and it wasn't doing it on the others, so maybe it's due to that, it's more demanding?
  13. Hi I'm getting a bit worried. This is gonna sound strange but I only just started playing the game on the X, and the console is making a weird sound. I've been playing other games since I have the new console, and it wasn't doing that. You're gonna think I'm crazy. The fan(s) are doing a windy sound. At first I actually thought to myself "Damn, it's windy outside", and figured it was coming from under a door or just around the windows, because of where I live. And no, I am not trolling you. Then I realized it was the console. The ventilation is active, but it's not emitting a continuous sound, it sounds exactly like the wind. The fans are working, but the sound is… not sure what the word is in english. Modulating? Fluctuating? Irregular? And it sounds like the wind. It makes quite a bit of noise. It's not very loud, but it's there. Have any of you experienced this before, on this game or others? The console isn't hot at all, but it's worrying me.
  14. Hi A few people have reported your solution to work, but I had tried all that day 1 and it didn't work for me. When the servers aren't down, which they have been for the entire weekend (good job CAPCOM, it's not like you're one of the biggest AAA developers on the planet), I can see a few friends in the friends list, 3 I think, out of the 20 I should see. When I try to find their pawn using the gamer tag search function, it works, but the buddy icon, the 2 little heads together, isn't there on any of them. We've tried adding each other again, making each other favorites, clearing cache, retrying, nothing works. I can find the pawn, it's just not free. The game doesn't see it as a friend.
  15. I have a few friends using my pawn without any kind of trouble, but I can't. Every time I try the search option and select friends, I get a message saying "Impossible to access information", twice, then nothing. If I use the gamertag search function, I find the pawn, summon it, and I have to pay Rift Crystals to use them, or send my friends a friend request, which is absurd. Is anyone else having this issue and an error message? All I can rent for free are NPCs of my level, that's it. I tried rebooting, but server access works fine since I can see other people's pawns, look at the top 100, or make a search by gamertag.
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