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  1. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

  2. I finally got the full 1500G for Skyrim SE. A long, fun road, but I'm glad it's finally over.
  3. I finished the final two DLC's for LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens, getting me to 1150/1150. I also finally unlocked the final achievements in Yooka-Laylee. However, despite all the achievements shown as unlocked, the stats at the top of the achievement list still says I have 860/1000 and only 33/35 achievements. Anyone know a fix for this? I heard of the "achievement done. unlocking..." issue, but never this before. EDIT: What the hell. In the time it took me to post that, It's decreased again, now to 470/1000, and 18/35? Anyone have any idea what's happening?
  4. OK, I did it, I forced myself to make a choice. I'm playing a Redguard. Going to focus on Axe's and other two handed weapons.
  5. That's my biggest issue. In both Oblivion and Skyrim I played an Elf, as I'm drawn to them in most fantasy games that give me that option, and because I enjoy playing as archers, rouges and assassin's, which they fit well with. But if I'm going to spend another 100+ hours in Skyrim, I want the experience to be, at least somewhat different to my first. That's why I'm leaning towards a more aggressive character, like the Nord, Orc or Redguard, but at the same time I'm worried that I won't enjoy it as much, and I keep wanting to swap to an Elf again. Then again, I could always have an aggressive character as my main, and a stealth elf side for some fun with mods.
  6. Well, I've been sat here on the character creation screen for 25 minutes so far, and I've not even picked a race. I've got it down to Nord, Orc or Redguard. Might have a character by the end of the week...
  7. Not sure what I wanna be this time around. In my 360 playthrough I was a female Wood Elf, Rouge/Hunter/Assassin who specialised in both Bows and Daggers. This time I'm leaning more towards something with a bit more brute force, maybe two handed weapon user, but at the same time I've never really played a Mage in any of these sorts of games, so that might be interesting too.
  8. I have my codes. Already have all 4 games though, so they're of little use to me.
  9. Hey guys any advice here. I've been planning to go out pick up Bioshock collection and Recore today. However, I've been looking at Mount & Blade: Warband, and it really looks like a game I'd enjoy, probably more so than either of the other two. There is no world where I can pick up all three and have the Mrs not get mad (even though she'll play them as well), so what two would you guys recommend to me?
  10. I just tried it to get the achievement for taking down an AT-AT with the SnowSpeader toe-cable, it didn't pop. I'll never get that damn thing.
  11. Heads up guys. RDR is officially coming to X1BC on Friday, so pick it up while it's on sale here.
  12. Bought the Season Pass for Just Cause 3. The big want for me though is actually ARK: Survival Evolved. My only issue is with it still not been the full release. I probably won't play it until it leaves the preview program, and is updated with achievements, but last I heard that was meant to happen last month, and well, it didn't. So now I'm stuck with this urge to pick it up before it goes back to full price, but also with the lingering doubt on if it'll ever actually leave the preview program. I'm also tempted by a few other games: Unravel Deadpool Mortal Kombat XL Watch Dogs Mirrors Edge: Catalyst DOOM
  13. Could you be a bit less vague? Let us know where the brick you're missing shows up on the map, and we might be able to help. Also, remember the map only shows where the brick itself will show up, sometimes the objective required to obtain it is elsewhere.
  14. The bottom one indicates the stud multiplier you earn via combat. The top one I'm not as sure on, but I think it indicates how close you are to been able to use your special B move.
  15. You need to finish the main story before you can swap freely between any characters. You can do so by holding the Y button and then choosing the bottom option "Free Play". This applies to both the hubs and levels.
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