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  1. I deleted it from my HDD at some point, I found a torrent, d/l and burnt to a DVD. Works a treat. Not illegal before you start...
  2. You can find out information by using a search engine? No, get out of here...
  3. The only reason the chappy has asked on here is simply because there are a lot of people in the know on this forum amongst the thousands and thousands of Internet Heroes!(Retards).
  4. Shall be online most of the afternoon, need to boost all MP achievements to finish the game.
  5. You can't accumulate cash in Player Matches thus you can't rank up meaning you can't get Overachiever.
  6. Here's an even easier method. Stand in front of the gate, so you're looking at the gate you'll need to progress through after this section. Now just keep an eye on the little buggers in the sky and dodge/move when one comes your way, the door should open within 30 seconds.
  7. While not playing natively, this looks promising though for Windows 7. http://labs.divx.com/mkvwin7preview
  8. Give up, splash some cash and get a PCI-E enabled board with modern GPU. AGP is dead.
  9. Not too far down the road, if you need any advice or help drop me a message.
  10. Indeed, I support the DIY option. Where are you based in the UK dude?
  11. *shrugs* It's your laptop, can't figure that one out for you.
  12. At a guess, you're using a 64-bit version of IE to which there is no 64-bit version of Flash available yet. Download and use Firefox.
  13. This is kinda why I only usually play with people I know, I find the majority I get matched up with are the whiniest people I've ever encountered. If I get matched with an uber player on Halo I just knuckle down and get on as best I can, well done to that player. What's the point in being a douche sending hateful messages or giving bogus feedback? You win some, you lose some... Deal with it.
  14. No, you only need to do the 3 championships that are specified in the achievements. I might write up an achievement guide but I don't want a ton of friend requests like after I wrote the Resi5 guide.
  15. Just 1K'd the game, achievements are a lot easier than last years but the games doesn't suffer as a result. Enhanced gameplay, visuals and a better online overall mark a good step forward for SBK.
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